Boycott the visit of Modi, the Prime Servant of CBB and MNCs to Chathisgarh

Communist Party of India (Maoist) strongly protests the visit of prime minister of India Narendra Modi to Chathisgarh on the 9th of May 2015. We appeal to all the people of the state, democrats, progressive persons, patriots, workers and peasants, adivasi and non adivasi social organisations to protest this visit which is intended only to sign certain MoUs in a bid to sell away the natural resources of the state to big corporate companies. We appeal to take up all sorts of protest demonstrations like chakkajam, burning of effigies of Ramansingh and Modi. This boycot would be a symbol of struggle of the toiling masses, especially peasants and the adivasis for survival and identity and to protect the jal jungle and zameen and the mineral resources of the state. As soon as Modi came to power, there is an unprecedented spate in implementing the financial and industrial policies that serve domestic and foreign corporate companies.

Through the mystifying slogan of “make in india”, in the name of development of the country and providing employment to the youth of the country, Modi opened the doors for the domestic and foreign industrial giant companies. He brought forward the land acquisition bill only to facilitate the unrelented loot of jal jungle zameen and mineral resources of the country. In fact Modi is not the prime minister of India. He is a dynamic “prime servant” of the comprador bureacratic capitalists and the multinational companies. Imitating Modi’s make in india, Raman Singh took up make in Chathisgarh and is looting the natural resources of the state. This is clearly evident from the recent budget and the neo industrial policy. Central para military forces were deployed in a large number to ensure the construction of the Dalli-Raoghat rail line which is very much in the favor of facilitating the loot of iron and other mineral resources.

Now modi is visiting chathisgarh to facilitate the expansion of the Raoghat Jagadalpur rail line, to sign the MoU for an ultra mega steel plant and to inaugurate police headquarters in naya Raipur. The signing of the MoU and the inauguration of Police Head Quarters in the new capital are not coincidental but well planned. Grosssly violating the constitutional powers, Fifth schedule, PESA and the powers of the gramsabhas, the governments intensified their attempts to start Raoghat, Chargam, Aamdayi, Kuvve, Budhiyarimad, Pallemad and other such mining projects in Bastar sambhag and Rajnandgaon. The attempt to start military training school in one fourth land of Maad and turn it into a hub of the army is also actively underway. In this background patrolling campaigns and attacks on villages have increased in all the areas of struggle including Maad. Attacks on receiving information and fake encounters on PLGA have become a regular practice. Our party calls upon the people of the state to take up extensive, organised and militant people’s movement against the ruling Hindutva fascist BJP government of the state, in order to protect the natural resources, especially the jal jungle and zamen, the mineral resources and the identity of the adivasis.

Extend all possible support to the revolutionary peoples’ war of Dandakaranya.

Protest the war on people in the name of Operation Greenhunt.

(Gudsa Usendi)

Spokesperson, Dandakaranya Special Zonal Committee, CPI (Maoist).

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