Com. Baral left the CPN-Maoist


Com. Rishi Raj Baral, Central Committee Member of CPN-Maoist, led by Mohan Baidhya ‘Kiran’ has left the party, with his followers. It has been declared in a press statement released on the occasion of May Day 2015. It has come to know that the announcement was scheduled for 25th April, and was postponed after the heart-shaking disaster. In a long, but an analytical press statement—’Real rupture with the liquidationists’, he has made clear the entire situation running within CPN-Maoist.

According to Com. Baral, there were several issues concerning the two line struggle that made him to come out from the CPN-Maoist. In his statement, he has focused on four issues: ideological and political line of the party, international communist movement, federal system and identity based politics and party unity with Prachada. Com. Baral has mentioned in his statement that, Baidhya has no any vision, not any plan and policy to advance the New Democratic Revolution . He just want to pass the time doing nothing. He has only one mission of party reunification with Prachanda the traitor, and he wants to achieve this goal at any cost. According to Com. Baral Baidhya is not exercising MLM but liquidationism.

He is pleading ‘people’s revolt’ and has abandoned the line of Peoples War and the revolutionary path guided by Maotse-tung. He has abandoned the role of class struggle and exercising the identity based politics. As Baral has mentioned : Baidhya is a man of without willpower and revolutionary enthusiasm. He is not capable to lead the Nepalese revolution. According to Com. Baral to stay with them means to spoil oneself, to cheat the Nepalese oppressed people. We all know Dr. Rishi Raj Baral, who joined 10 years People’s War, is the convener of Revolutionary Intellectual-Cultural Front, Nepal.

What will be the next step of Com. Baral and his followers, is not mentioned in his statement. The next alternate is CPN Maoist led by Com. Biplav, but he has already denied the document of Biplav and his political line—’unified revolution’. From the 7th National Convention Com. Baral and his followers are pleading the line of New Democratic Revolution, Three Magic Weapons and Peoples War of Nepalese character. We will post the full text of his Statement in the next post.

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