1st of May 2015 With the working class at the forefront on the path to independence and socialism-KKE (ml)


Workers, unemployed, young men and women, This year’s 1st of May finds the workers and the people all over the world into a maelstrom of imperialist brutality and capitalist barbarity. The crisis of the capitalist – imperialist system not only does not abate but rather intensifies as the imperialists compete each other for the redistribution of the world. These antagonisms – the basic one being between USA and Russia – have opened up a series of dangerous fronts, mainly in Ukraine and the Middle East.

Their target is to transfer the burdens of the crisis on people’s shoulders, so they foment wars and use interventions, slaughtering peoples and creating caravans of migrants! Their efforts to overcome the crisis give them the chance to get their revenge against the peoples and the working class, promoting a full and frontal attack that levels rights and victories won by the people during the last century. In our country the imperialist organizations – EU, NATO and IMF – show once more who is “boss”. They use memorandums, pressures, austerity measures and military bases to promote their interests and bring our people to its knees.

The new alliance government of SYRIZA – ANEL neither can nor want to stop this attack, since they have declared that they accept the regime of imperialist dependence of our country. In this context they have signed a new memorandum, renamed troika to “institutions”, met with Obama and Putin, suppressed and used tear gas against the Chalkidiki protesters, violated the academic asylum, and suspended all their electoral commitments. The government says that has good intentions but in reality they have chosen to serve the system and become another administrator of foreign and local bourgeoisie. They say to the people that they negotiate with their oppressors, creating the disillusionment that the system of exploitation and barbarity can obtain a human face. Workers, unemployed, young men and women, It is obvious that inside the framework of this system no government and no savior can find a solution for the people. Historically the people have won their victories on the field of class struggle against the system and not as its manager.

This year’s 1st of May, 129 years after the heroic revolt of the Chicago workers, can become a new opportunity for the working class to rise up against its class adversary and demand its rights! We must inspire ourselves and take to the streets resolutely demanding our rights to work, health, social security, education, life itself. We must demand human working conditions, collective contracts, and wages that cover the cost of life. We must resist against the systemic attack, create a resistance front fight against imperialist aggression and the slaughtering of people, against the fascistization of public and political life, for the overthrow of this rotten system and not for its embellishment and management.

Long live the 1st of May!

People do not need protectors!

Greece out of EU and NATO!

IMF out of Greece!

Imperialism and capital are not invincible!

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