Ivana Hoffmann’s (Avaşin Tekoşin Güneş) is a story that starting on the dry grounds in Africa reached out to Europe and from Europe to Rojava, where is the revolution of the new century. The story is short but the message is deep; the MLKP combatant and communist woman Ivana, who joined the caravan of immortals, has crowned her life, marked by poverty and any kind of oppression, with resistance and the unbound energy of the sacrifice generation and the highest example of solidarity.

Now from the ground she was born in, and from the lands she has never seen, hundreds and thousands flow into unrestrained water of this struggle. Comrade Ivana, through her always cheerful face and her human love, leaves us many memories. She took part in the organization of each and every action she participated in, and she organized her life in accordance with the necessities of struggle. Her practice did not keep her away from getting in touch with different parts of society. This means that not only her last action but also her way of living should be an example to all of us. The international red brigade’s silhouettes that yesterday marched Spanish avenues against the fascists today march the yellow sands of Rojava.

Despite her young life she carried all loads on her shoulders and joined the heroic adventurers. With her diligent work she always put herself in the foreground in Europe and turned each moment into a moment of becoming comrades. Facing the truth means to see that she never left the glamorous life in Europe. Because she always experienced poverty but did not mind it, to the contrary she transformed into a shield for her struggle. One leg of her touches African ground, which was enslaved for a piece of diamond, one leg touches Europe being the other part of the medal and with one leg she is in Rojava, that faces encirclement and blood bath. Her life resembles the pages of a resistance epos.

Departing from the social and historical roots she chose the woman liberation struggle as her guideline. With the wrath of the Mirabel sisters in Rojava, Til Temir she became Şengül Boran. With the energy she inherited from Yasemin Çiftçi, she rose the voice of Sakine, Leyla and Fidan against all kinds of oppression, encroachments and blood bath caused by the men ruling system. With Rosa Luxemburg she became a bridge between the resisting women of Rojava. The ‘Arab uprising’ starting in Tunisia in recent past became a new breath for the resistance of the oppressed people. But the lack of a indispensable revolutionary vanguard lead to the gradual dieing out or weakening of these in many countries.

Now PYD took up the the revolutionary process developing in Rojava and constructed through the combatants of YPG, YPJ and MLKP the self-defense and, on the contrary to other countries, deepened the democratic character of the revolution. The MLKP has internalized the Rojava Revolution and Kobane Resistance, in which also its combatants fell, from the very beginning on. During the last years its forces there grew avalanching and through many sacrifices it became a force of the region.

In course of time it unified revolutionaries and communists from other countries overcoming the borders of Turkey and Kurdistan and formed international brigades. Comrade Ivana was a revolutionary who followed this call. Just as Comrade Serkan Tosun, the first fallen of MLKP in Rojava, who followed the call of his party. Comrade Ivana fell on the eve of March 8th with the weapon of MLKP combatant Coşkun İnce, who fell beside her, in her hands and has turned into a message to the revolutionaries all over the world. This message content is going wherever revolution calls, being a communist woman in the struggle for socialism and freedom. Just as commandant Sibel Bulut (Sarya). Comrade Ivana, who proudly carried her flag on, is a sharp call to bring international solidarity to a higher level. For us this means to live this call. It is our task to walk on steadily on this path trying to equal Avaşin’s persistence.

01 April 2015 / International Bulletin / No. 150


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