With deep joy revolutionary, political prisoners and war of Peru, in this very significant date of April 17, combative send our greetings to all political prisoners in the world and our solidarity with their struggle for rights and freedom. And especially we assume the call to build the People’s Heroes Monument in honor of the massive heroism of the Peruvian people, including Heroes prisoners in El Fronton, Lurigancho and El Callao, who gave their blood and their lives to end oppression and exploitation and build a better world. This commemoration of the International Day of the Political Prisoner, occurs in a global context of long, slow recovery from the global economic crisis, the largest and most serious crisis of the capitalist system, expressing the deepening of inter-imperialist contradictions for the redivision of the world and configuring an anteroom of a new world war. Situation that sharpens the class struggle and contradictions in the world, the main: oppressed nations – imperialism, which is reflected in the constant aggression against the peoples of the world and the resistance and struggle of these.

In our country, highlight the indomitable struggle that we carry political prisoners struggling to Solution Politics, General Amnesty and National Reconciliation! McCarthyism facing political persecution and inquisitorial outside and inside prisons. And in particular, to highlight special recognition to the most important political prisoner, Dr. Abimael Guzmán Reinoso, Chairman of the Communist Party of Peru, who at 80 years of age and about 23 in cruel conditions of isolation and life in the Base Military Callao, keeps you undefeated their Marxist-Leninist-Maoist ideological convictions. We reiterate our unwavering commitment to defend their lives and health and fight for their freedom. For his wife, Professor Elena Yparraguirre Revoredo, was in similar conditions for 15 years, and every so often is the target of reprisals for their unwavering ideological convictions.

The health of many prisoners is precarious and worsened by poor prison attention as in the case of Comrade Victor Zavala Cataño, renowned playwright who has over 82 years of age. Two months ago, the political prisoner Margi Evelyn Clavo Peralta, communist fighter lifetime, died with terminal cancer after 20 years in prison, accelerated death by torturing to which Peruvian state conditions, with Ollanta Humala in the lead collusion with the extreme right, he underwent. As part of this political persecution opened new prosecutions for acts 30 years ago to prevent the release of political prisoners Osman Morote, Margot Liendo and Victoria Trujillo Agurto, prisoners who have served their full sentence of 25 years but remain imprisoned. Also, after a year of persecution and detention of leaders and activists of Movadef, the rear freedom curbed the reactionary aim to imprison all the judicial process continues and it is being committed violations of due process to prevent political struggle for fundamental rights and general amnesty, which denounce and unmask. Worldwide, political prisoners fighting for better conditions and their right to freedom.

We welcome and solidarity with the Maoists political prisoners in Morocco carrying a hunger strike since March 23, 2015, in order to expose and stop the abuse and physical and moral suffering daily assaults in prisons in the reaction. We support the struggle of thousands of political prisoners in India and the Philippines that harsh repression keep up morale of the revolution. We stand in solidarity with the struggle of thousands of Kurdish prisoners and its leader, Abdullah Öcalan fellow fighters for the freedom of his people.

With Basque political prisoners facing a repressive penal policy, repression extends to their families. With the thousands of Palestinian prisoners from Israeli combat rages yoke viciously against children, elderly, women who resist the occupation of their land. With the exemplary resistance of prisoners of Chiapas are not faint and strength to his people that defends against capitalist expansion that threatens their land. With political prisoners in Guantanamo prison sinister imperialist torture and denial of fundamental rights. With the thousands of political prisoners in Colombia who rebelled for a more just society. With the Mapuche political prisoners held for more than 20 days on hunger strike, imprisoned by the repressive laws judicializes social conflicts. With political prisoners in Paraguay, imprisoned and prosecuted for defending their lands and natural resources. With political prisoners in Guatemala, Argentina, Ecuador, the United States itself and the five continents, all defend fundamental rights and expose the reactionary action against their peoples.

Tens of thousands of political prisoners scattered in different prisons in the world, but common to all is that they are social, revolutionary and communist fighters fighting selflessly against oppression and exploitation of the capitalist and imperialist system, for the defense of their lands and natural resources , for the defense of their fundamental rights , for independence against imperialist aggression , or the transformation of this system in new and different for the generations of tomorrow one. The struggles of political prisoners are an encouragement and example to continue fighting for the revolutionary transformation of the old oppressive and exploitative world and as part of them, political prisoners and prisoners of war in Peru , we transform the squalid dungeon prison in shining trenches combat , we reaffirm our commitment to serving the people life and never sink the knees.




April 17, 2015

-Comité Nacional de Prisioneros Políticos y de Guerra del Perú

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