International support for ATIK and Yeni Kadim


Palermo Italy Mfpr for Atik and Yeni Kadin

The Revolutionary Proletarian Feminist Movement (MFPR, Italy) strongly condemns the arrest of the comrades of New Woman and ATIK and mobilizes for their immediate release. Our delegation met with these comrades, on the occasion of their 13th congress of Yeni Kadin in Germany on 7th and 8th of February. With them we shared experiences and the need to join our forces to expand and consolidate the struggle of women, keeping as central the condition of proletarian women and women workers. With this spirit of unity, we express the utmost solidarity with the comrades New Woman and ATIK and call all women, working women, rebels girl to strong condemn this repressive attack. In particular we address the women who in recent months have mobilized to take the side with the Kurdish fighters, to mobilize today against the same enemy that now imprisons the Turkish activists in Europe: the European imperialists states and the Turkish State!

It is an important battle because this repressive attack is an attack on all women who struggle, fight against this barbaric and oppressive imperialist system, and is aimed to hit a particularly important sector in the forefront of this battle, from the streets of Turkey to Kobane, to the citadels in Europe. These women are “dangerous” for the Turkish regime and imperialist states because they show to all women the revolutionary way to the liberation.




Botschaft an ATIK vom Verein Neue Demokratie – Mensaje a ATIK de la Asociación de Nueva Democracia

Proletarier aller Länder, vereinigt euch! Botschaft an ATIK vom Verein Neue Demokratie Liebe Genossen von ATIK, im Namen des Vereins Neue Demokratie wenden wir uns an euch, um energisch die willkürliche und ungerechtfertigte Repression, in Gang gesetzt von den Behörden der BRD und der Schweiz, mit den Festnahmen von 10 Mitgliedern – führende Männer und Frauen – eurer Arbeiterorganisation und Einbrüchen in Wohnungen usw., die die Polzeikräfte am 15. April durchführten, zu verurteilen und zurück zu weisen. Unsere Überzeugung ist: Dass die Repression der Behörden gegen eure Organisation nicht auf andere Weise zu erklären ist, als als einen Ausdruck einer Haltung von reaktionärer Rache, weil eure Organisation konsequent die Rechte der Arbeiter, der Einwanderer und der Frauen in diesem Land und in Europa verteidigt und für eure kämpferische Solidarität mit den Werktätigen und Völkern der Welt in ihrem Kampf gegen den Imperialismus und alle Reaktionäre.

Wir fordern: Dass die Behörden der BRD unmittelbar mit der Repression gegen eure Organisation, ihre Führer und Mitglieder im Allgemeinen aufhören und die unmittelbare Freilassung der verhafteten Genossen und Genossinnen und die Rückgabe aller Güter und Materialien, die bei den Polizei-Razzien beschlagnahmt wurden.

Für die Solidarität der Werktätigen und Völker der Welt!

VND 17. April 2015

¡Proletarios de todos los países, uníos!

Mensaje a ATIK de la Asociación de Nueva Democracia

Estimados Compañeros de ATIK En nombre de la Asociación de Nueva Democracia nos dirigimos a Ustedes para condenar y rechazar en forma enérgica la represión arbitraria e injusta desatada por las autoridades de la RFA y de Suiza con la captura de 10 miembros y de dirigentes hombres y mujeres de vuestra organización de trabajadores y con allanamiento de locales, etc. realizada por las fuerzas policiales el día 15 de abril. Consideramos: Que la represión de las autoridades contra vuestra organización no se puede explicar de otra manera que por una actitud de venganza reaccionaria debido a vuestra consecuente defensa de los derechos de los trabajadores, de los migrantes y de las mujeres en este país y en Europa.

Asimismo, por vuestra solidaridad militante con los trabajaroes y los pueblos del mundo en su lucha contra el imperialismo y todos los reaccionarios. Exigimos: Que las autoridades de la RFA cesen de inmediato la represión contra vuestra organización, dirigentes y demás miembros y la puesta en libertad inmediata de los compañeros y compañeras detenidas y la devolución de los bienes y materiales incautado por la razia policial. ¡Por la solidaridad internacional de los trabajadores y los pueblos del mundo! AND 17 de abril 2015



from Italy to ATIK- Yeni Kadin -YDG

To ATIK, Yeni Kadin and YDG

Dear comrades, We jointly express our warmest and active solidarity, against of the infamous repressive operation on you launched by the European imperialists. It is a solidarity that contains anger, indignation for the attempt to stop your organizations but especially the proletarian, women’s and youth masses who are a powerful and growing force in the heart of the imperialist countries, serving not only the Turkish and Kurdish people’s struggle and but the whole revolutionary and democratic movement in Europe. If they hit you thy hit all of us! So we will to mobilize as if the comrades hit were part of our own struggles and organizations. We immediately spread your press release via web and called to mobilize all our militants to inform the entire revolutionary, democratic and anti-imperialist movements in our country.

Our base of Palermo has already set in motion with a public initiative. The same will occur in other Italian cities in the coming days. We hope that these false case may fall soon and wish we can have your / our comrades with us already in the May Day demos. Of course, we are ready, after May Day, to take any further action that may be necessary to achieve the goal of their release. This operation shows that your struggle strengthens becoming an increasing danger for the Turkish State and the European imperialist states.




Slai cobas for the Class Union – National Coordinating Committee

Revolutionary Proletarian Feminist movement

Proletarian Red Relief

Proletarian Communists-PCm Italy

ICSPWI solidarity with ATIK

The International Committee of Support to the People’s War in India (ICSPWI) expresses its solidarity to the activists and leaders of ATIK and New Woman hit by a serious repressive operation and plot aimed to stop their democratic and revolutionary struggle. ATIK and New Woman were always in the frontline in the support to the masses in India, giving their full availability to take part in different form the solidarity campaigns. ATIK and New Woman are firm supporters of the revolutionary struggle of the people in India and the CPI (Maoist) that leads them.

So, the attack on ATIK is an attack on our Committee and the international and internationalist mobilization for India. Therefore we are ready give all our contribution to the democratic and anti-imperialist mobilization necessary for the release of all the arrested comrades.


PCm Italy for ATIK

PCm Italy condemns before the proletarians, the masses, the revolutionary and democratic forces, the women’s movement, the serious repressive attack unleashed by the States in Germany and Switzerland against ATIK, New Woman, YDG and the mass associations of Turkish workers, women and youth in Europe. It is an attack against the strength of the Turkish revolutionary movement and its organizations, to deprive all our movement of an important component in the fight against fascism, imperialism, racism, in the struggle for the proletarian internationalism.

Therefore, the entire anti-fascist, anti repression, anti-imperialist, internationalist movement have to take the field. Proletarian communists will call especially the Communists to mobilize. As everyone knows, these large mass associations hit are led by the TKP/ML, a party that is an important component of the communist movement in Turkey, in Europe and in the world. We consider the TKP/ML a brother party and these mass organizations united in the struggle with all the mass organizations operating in our country. Here the slogan “If they hit one, they hit all of us” means: if they hit an organization they hit all organizations. Solidarity is a weapon! They want to disarm the Turkish communist movement who has given and gives a great contribution of martyrs, political prisoners to the revolutionary struggle, from Istanbul to Kobane. The proletarian internationalism calls us to a special effort.



PCM Italy

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