Brahmanism: vicious and opportunist-People’s March


Nearly a year has passed since the BJP came to power under Modi. Almost every day we have seen leaders and members of the various outfits of the RSS spewing venom, instigating or carrying out attacks on religious minorities, dalits and adivasis. The latest in this is the move to implement a countrywide ban on beef eating. It is claimed that there is nothing religious about this, though the government prevented a discussion on this topic in the Rajya Sabha since “it is a sensitive issue for a large part of the population.”

The ban already exists in a few States under Sangh Parivar rule. The latest addition is Maharashtra. The real motive was seen in the forcible shut down of abattoirs run by Muslims and the seizure of cattle owned by them by the fascist storm troopers of the Sangh. The Modi government tries to hide its real intentions by citing provisions in the Constitution that call for protection of cattle wealth. But what really has happened to this wealth, the various indigenous breeds of cattle suited to conditions and agricultural practices of different eco-­niches in the sub­continent?

They have been mostly annihilated, not by beef­eaters but by emissaries of the state who went around forcibly castrating their bulls and impregnating cows with “superior sperm” of foreign breeds. This was an important part of the so­called White Revolution, the imperialist inspired and funded hybridisation of India’s cattle. Milk production has shot up. It came about at the expense of cattle owners who must input ever increasing doses of manufactured feeds and medicines at higher and higher costs, to maintain foreign sourced hybrid cattle. Meanwhile, indigenous breeds have been reduced to a rarity, mostly seen in agricultural varsities. Apparently, they were not worthy of Brahmanic protection since its imperialist masters deemed it so.

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