35 years ago today: Police execution of four communist militants in Genoa

Genova 28-3-80


On March 28th 1980 Italian anti-terrorist commandos acting on information provided by the “penitent” snitch Patrizio Peci raid a safehouse of the Genoa column of the Red Brigades at the time itself in a life or death struggle with the revisionist PCI including the elimination of revisionist trade union boss and informer Guido Rossa. Four cadre of the BR are surprised and gunned down.



Annamaria Ludmann (September 9 1947-March 28 1980):Above ground BR political worker from a wealthy background.



Roberto Dura (September 12 1950-March 28 1980): Steel worker and formerly a member of Lotta Continua. Later becomes a member of the BR, serving on its Executive Committee.



-Lorenzo Betassa (March 30 1952-March 28 1980): Fiat worker and trade union activist who allegedly participated in many military actions of the BR.


-Piero Panciarelli (August 29 1955-March 28 1980): Lancia worker and BR militant from the mid 70s on who goes underground on May 9th 1978.

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