1980 Statement on the Restoration


By the Chinese (Marxist-Leninist) Communist Party

Dear Comrades:

Unfortunately for our Party and our state, a counter-revolutionary coup to restore capitalism has taken place. Recently this counter-revolutionary coup clique furthermore arbitrarily set up a “court” to conduct a “trial” against outstanding leaders of the Chinese Communist Party who persevere in the Marxist-Leninist road, Comrade Chiang Ching and comrades Chang Chun-chiao and Wang Hongwen and others. Because of this, our Marxist-Leninist Party centre specially issued a solemn statement to forcefully express our strong and,unbending determination to fight to the end. At this time, we are giving this small pamphlet to you. Please give us comradely support.

Revolutionary greetings. (signed) XXX

A worker at (a Shanghai factory)

January 3rd, 1981

By Putting the Party on Trial the Reactionary Force Following the Road of Capitalist Restoration Has Itself Been Indicted

The Deng, Hu, Zhao clique who are clamorously, blatantly, smugly and ferociously going down the road of capitalist restoration, through a long period of planning and repeated reversals of their rigged up “Supreme People’s Special Prosecution” and ‘Supreme People’s Special Court”, put on a series of most unjust and ugly dramas in the history of the international communist and Chinese revolutionary movements the so-called “Great Trial of the Ten Evils”, at No. I Justice Road, Peking. Among the “Ten Evils”, Chiang, Chang, Wang, Yao, the good sons and daughters of the Party and upholders of Marxism-Leninism-Mao Tsetung Thought who are labelled as the “Gang of Four”, are the main targets of the “Trial” and revengeful attack. Chen Boda and Hwang, Wu, Li, Qui and Jiang only serve as props! Precisely because the Deng, Hu, Zhao clique’s power of restoration was stolen directly from the hands of Chiang, Chang, Wang and Yao, therefore from the beginning they plotted the use of super-fascist and change-of- dynasty methods to take care of the other side which was deprived of power.

If we are to look for fitting words in the literature of the international communist movement to describe what has happened to Chiang, Chang, Wang and Yao, and also to condemn Deng,, Hu, Zhao and their gang’s contemptible poison, then Marx’s phrase talking about the positive and negative aspects of the Paris Commune can be used fully and fittingly: “What elasticity, what a historical initiative, what a capacity for sacrifice in these Parisians!… However that may be, the present rising in Paris even if it be crushed by the wolves, swine and vile curs of the old society is the most glorious deed of our Party since the June insurrection in Paris. Compare these Parisians, storming heaven, with the slaves to heaven of the German-Prussian Holy Roman Empire, with its posthumous masquerades reeking of the barracks, the church, cabbage-Junkerdom and, above all, of the philistine.”

In the Final Analysis, What Crime Did Chiang, Chang, Wang and Yao Commit?

Any person who has been illegally arrested and sent to jail and deprived of all political rights can be arbitrarily saddled with a whole big load of charges according to the wishes of the rulers. To artificially include Chiang, Chang, Wang and Yao in the “Ten Evils” already fully exposes their devious intentions of scheming day and night and recklessly implicating people. Furthermore, what stands out in the part of the indictment that refers to the Four Chang, Wang and Yao , Chiang, in the so-called “crimes” under 4 sections and 48 charges, is the clique’s use of reformism, which Marx opposed with all his strength throughout his life, to oppose the extraordinary measures that need to be taken in a revolution. If one wants to persist in saying that Chiang, Chang, Wang and Yao, especially the two proletarian heroic fighters Chiang Ching and Chang Chun-chiao, really committed “crimes” which warrant punishment, then their crimes can be summarized as:

l. Chiang Ching should not have been Mao Tsetung’s wife, shouldering all the crimes that should not be shouldered that derive from the feudal practice of “the wife pays back the husband’s debt”. Comrade Mao Tsetung is the greatest Marxist-Leninist of our time. In the struggle to oppose imperialism and internally reactionary classes, in the line struggle against inner-Party right and left opportunism, in the struggle against various shades of revisionism, in combining the universal truths of Marxism-Leninism with the concrete practice of the Chinese revolution, as well as in the cause of liberation of oppressed nations and oppressed people all over the world, Comrade Mao has left a brilliant record that will never be diminished in the annals of history of our country’s revolution and that the revolutions of the peoples of the world.

But Comrade Mao Tsetung was a man, not a god. In facing the attack and retaliation of imperialists, internal reactionary classes, inner-Party right and left opportunists, assorted revsionists, as well as those wolves swine and vile curs, he could not be so temperate, kind, courteous, restrained and magnanimous or treat them as if doing embroidery, holding a dinner party or writing an essay. Therefore in sweeping away all ghosts and monsters, the fierce struggle to uphold Marxism-Leninism and continue the revolution under the dictatorship of the proletariat, it was inevitable that a small number of self- styled “saints and heroes” would be treated as ghosts and monsters and swept away, or that one or two ordinary human heads would be treated as dog heads and be smashed.

This is an unavoidable sacrifice in the process of any revolution. But today, the traitorous clique Deng, Hu, Zhao and gang who restored the capitalist road are posthumously giving the title of “saints and heroes” to all those ghosts and monsters that were struck down, making into human heads all those dog heads that were smashed. They want not only to howl “frameups”, but also want to use all this to throw mud on Comrade Mao Tsetung who was a great revolutionary figure looked up to by the Chinese people and people of the whole world, and furthermore want to make Mao’s wife, Comrade Chiang Ching by herself, or the called “Gang of Four”, shoulder the responsibility for a few, small, unavoidable mistakes made by Comrade Mao Tsetung in leading the Chinese Communist Party and establishing great achievements for the Chinese revolution. Can this be called just?

2. Comrade Chiang Ching and a few close comrades in arms were too civilized and suffered a lot from “too good a heart and too soft a hand”. Conducting revolutionary struggle cannot be so temperate, kind, courteous, restrained and magnanimous, and it is not so refined as embroidery, a dinner party or writing an essay. Furthermore one must not, during times when the revolutionary situation seems favorable, be careless and speak of equality with antagonistic classes, speak of of peaceful coexistence. The “May l6 Circular” personally drafted under Mao Tsetung’s supervision clearly pointed out: “In the struggle between the proletariat and the bourgeoisie, between the truth of Marxism and the fallacies of the bourgeoisie and all other exploiting classes, either the East wind prevails over the West wind or the West wind prevails over the East wind…” Furthermore it stressed: “… faithful lackeys of the bourgeoisie and the imperialists, together with the bourgeoisie and imperialism, cling to the bourgeois ideology of oppression and exploitation of the proletariat and to the capitalist system, and they oppose Marxist-Leninist ideology and the socialist system. They are a bunch of counter-revolutionaries opposing the Communist Party and the people. Their struggle against us is one of life and death, and there is no question of equality. Therefore our struggle against them, too, can be nothing but a life and death struggle, and our relation with them can in no way be one of equality. On the contrary, it is a relation of one class oppressing another, that is, the dictatorship of the proletariat over the bourgeoisie.”

Under this brilliant and incisive directive, the proletariat launched the earth-breaking Great Cultural Revolution. At that time Comrade Chiang Ching and her comrades in arms gained the complete trust and powerful support of Comrade Mao Tsetung. They no doubt had enough strength to put the whole string of anti-Party, counter-revolutionary elements in the fields of the Party, government, army and literature, consisting of Liu Shaoqi, Deng Xiaoping, Peng Zhen, Lo Rui-qing, Lu Dingyi, Yang Shangkung and others into a position from which they could never recover.

But very unfortunately Comrade Chiang Ching and,her close comrades in arms were able to do so but did not do so. In the ten glorious years of the Cultural Revolution, in general the anti-Party, counter-revolutionary elements going down the capitalist road were,given the opportunity to turn over a new leaf, and were even given a way out out politically, except for a few whose crimes were very serious who could not face up to the Party and the people and walked into a dead end street of self-destructive suicide. However, because Comrade Chiang Ching and her comrades in arms failed to note that in revolutionary work there is no need to use the principle of being soft and kind, and could not dig out the roots of these anti-Party, counter-revolutionary elements, even believing the schemes of the heads of the leading reactionary gangs to admit mistakes in order to resurface and hold power to spread even more poison and rescue dogs who have fallen into the water. This gave them the opportunity to retaliate later.

3: Those comrades that Comrade Chiang Ching could trust and who would persevere in the revolution to the end and would not capitulate even up to death were too few! Unqualified people were even used so that at key junctures determining success or failure of the revolution, there arose surprise incidents of people turning against us. In investigating why this was so, it was found that in the past several decades, our Party’s Marxist Leninist education and the work of implementing Mao Tsetung Thought appears to be very shallow. All along, the majority of Party cadres, have not firmly grasped the ability to distinguish real from false revolution.

Also we were not able to develop the kind of lofty revolutionary moral character needed by professional revolutionaries not giving a second thought to being beheaded or having their house searched in order to find evidence. Therefore; in such revolutionary ranks as ours, there infiltrated those turtles who pull their necks into the shell, cunning rabbits who run away from the battlefield;,and those who only recognize selfish material interests. Even such well-known standard bearers as Wang Hongwen and Yao Wenyuan could fail to pass through the harsh test of revolutionary struggle. In the end under torture and the carrot and stick tactics, of the anti-Party, counter-revolutionary elements, they are brazenly slandering the destruction and violence that are necessary in revolutionary struggle; as well as self-defense that is rightly so part of revolutionary struggle.

They have also been manipulated by,the enemy to admit all kinds of “crimes” and “mistakes” arrogantly thrown at them in the thoroughly reactionary and extremely ridiculous “court” that was set up to show off the temporary anti-Party and counter-revolutionary victory. Only true gold can withstand a test by fire, only those that dare despise the enemy like Comrade Chiang Ching and Comrade Chang Chun’chiao can show the great spirit of sacrifice of fearing not even death.

4: Our military, armed actions were not able to closely coordinate with the change of the political situation. During the Cultural Revolution; relying on the brilliant guidance of Marxism-Leninism-Mao Tsetung Thought, and relying on the theoretical inspiration and leadership in action of Comrade Chiang Ching and Comrade Chang Chun-chiao, our revolutionary ranks deeply won the hearts of the people, and we became the common goal that the masses of workers and peasants and revolutionary intellectual youth of the whole country rallied around and fought hard for. Especially in the People’s Liberation Army, we had the absolute majority as our supporters, so that even today when our revolutionary cause has suffered a temporary setback, the unmatchable strength that we deeply planted the various branches; various military academies, and various levels of the command structure,in this invincible people’s army are still a reliable strength in defeating all anti-Party and counter- revolutionary renegades.

Besides this, we had spread throughout the country militia troops made up of workers and peasants. This was a mass armed force in combating revisionism,preventing revisionism, smashing attacks by class enemies, anti-Party and counter-revolutionary renegades. But while we deepened and broadened the political call and built up a political situation extremely favorable for a revolutionary situation, on the one hand we did not take initiative to strike at the various anti-party and counter-revolutionary strongholds; on the other hand we were off guard, that is, we did not see the reactionary forces might seize the opportunity of the death of our great revolutionary leader and great revolutionary teacher Comrade Mao Tsetung, and the period when the whole Party, the whole army and the people of the whole country were in deep mourning, to launch a sudden attack to arrest and imprison several leaders of our revolutionary ranks headed by Comrade Chiang Ching and Chang Chun-Chiao. Also after the surprise incident took place, the Liberation Army and the militia in various areas were not able to take initiative and take immediate action in response which would have been favourable to continuing the revolution and broadening the fight.

The abandonment of the Shanghai armed insurrection as it neared completion was because our vigilance during ordinary times was not enough, and emergency measures which should have been taken were delayed for quite a while before being launched. Therefore a good opportunity for resistance was lost. Among the many. “criminal” charges thrown at Comrade Chiang Ching, some she herself could not avoid under the conditions of the continued existence of feudal ideology in Chinese society; some are because in this historically unprecedented revolutionary struggle, facing such tough, cunning, hidden anti-party and counter-revolutionary enemies, Comrade Chiang Ching as the leadership center of this revolutionary organization, as well as the revolutionary newborn forces under her leadership, both lacked experience.

Because of this, we don’t avoid talking about shortcomings and mistakes which existed in our revolutionary work and recognize our temporary reversal and setback. That is, it cannot be the sole responsibility of Comrade Chiang Ching, Comrade Chang Chun-chiao and other leading comrades. Our reversal is the reversal of the perseverance of the Chinese Communist Party on the road of Marxist-Leninist line, it is the reversal of Mao’s revolutionary line of continuing the revolution under the dictatorship proletariat; it is also a reversal of the line of Chinese revolutionary people and revolutionary people of the world in combating revisionism and preventing revisionism.

And also because of this the more faults and mistakes we can consciously discover and point out in a more concrete way, the more beneficial for us it will be in taking warning from the past to be more careful in the future. Thus these faults and mistakes can be avoided, overcome and corrected one by one, so that our people revolutionary cause can go through a thousand forgings and a hundred smeltings, and we can unyieldingly persist in carrying it out to the end.

The People Are The Judge Of Everything

The masses are the makers of history. In the same way, every anti-Party, and counter-revolutionary element must pass through the people’s trial and be given a final verdict. Today, the Chinese proletarian state power has been usurped by a handful of reactionaries who were knocked down before and who now have restored the capitalist road. Ghosts and monsters are all coming out, wolves, swine, vile curs are strutting around restoring all the bourgeois rights; together with this, they worked up a bourgeois form of “court” and, using a bourgeois viewpoint, exercised arbitrary dictatorship over and put on “trial” outstanding proletarian revolutionary leaders. This kind of farce and ugly display is as Comrade Chiang Ching righteously and forcefully pointed out: “is to put the Chinese Communist Party on trial!”

Exactly because this handful of reactionaries who have restored the capitalist road is blatantly carrying out anti-Party, counter-revolutionary activities, in their bourgeois “court” they are therefore viciously depriving Comrade Chiang Ching of the minimum right to defend and argue on behalf of the Marxist-Leninist line which the Chinese Communist Party has consistently persevered in, and the interests of the Chinese proletariat and revolutionary people. Isn’t this an exposure of them desperately and nakedly putting the Party on trial and exercising brutal dictatorship over the proletariat? But for these reactionaries who have restored the capitalist road, the more they, in fear of truth, try to bury and persecute it, the more truth will become an indestructible beacon in the minds of hundreds of millions, and the more people will see clearly from the past to the present the vicious intentions and ugly faces of that bunch of reactionaries who have restored the capitalist road.

Today, if these reactionaries who have restored the capitalist road really take seriously the cries about the so-called “seeking truth from facts” and “practice is the sole criterion of truth”, then people cannot help but look at these four years of practice since they have usurped the Party, restored bourgeois dictatorship and went all out to “promote bourgeois ideology and liquidate proletarian ideology.” People can line up things item by item and use the magic mirror of Marxism-Leninism, dissect the sterile, compare and examine. It’s not hard to distinguish between what they want to achieve and what they have already carried out, to see whether it is the Marxist-Leninist criterion of truth or what the bourgeois revisionists regard as the “criterion” of truth which is directly opposed to Marxism-Leninism.

We can say for certain: for that small handful of diehards, wolves, and vile curs who have restored the capitalist road all the slanders, frame-ups, curses, and even all the unimaginable rumors that they have thrown upon those in the proletarian ranks who have persevered in the Marxist-Leninist line, the successors to the proletarian revolutionary cause, now especially directed at Comrade Chiang Ching and Comrade Chang Chun-chiao, this can very fittingly be turned back against them because from “judging” their own “practice”, their anti- Party, counter-revolutionary, anti-people activities, the precise facts are:

I Exercising feudal dictatorship.

The aim of the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution was to open up a forum for the people’s political expression, to let the people of the whole country, particularly the workers, peasants, freely express themselves, to make them concerned about the cardinal affairs of the Party and the state, promote the Party’s mass line, to prevent anyone, especially Party members and cadres from using their position to seek privileges and self-interest, and further link up with the masses to carry out a determined struggle against bourgeois thinking.

This was in order to help the socialist revolution and construction, and further create a political situation where there is both centralism and democracy, both discipline and freedom, both unity of will and personal ease of mind and liveliness. Thus at the Second Plenum of the Ninth Party Congress, we passed a constitutional amendment to officially guarantee in the highest legal form that “people have the right to speak out freely, air their views fully, hold big debates, write big character posters”. But exactly because the four freedoms are a weapon to link up with the masses to carry out determined struggle against the bourgeoisie, it made the actual agents of the bourgeoisie – that is the reactionaries who have overthrown the political power of the dictatorship of the proletariat and restored the capitalist road – concoct the idea of using it to erect the so-called “socialist democratic legality”.

But then they found that the four freedoms are extremely unfavorable to them in consolidating their rule to restore the capitalist road. They turned around to slander the four freedoms as “disrupting democracy, disrupting law and order and production, splitting the unity of the Party and the masses”, and viciously wrote them off. This kind of vile step backwards, these anti-Party, counter-revolutionary activities see only dollar signs in transforming socialism into fascism, force us to add a supplement to the earlier “From bourgeois democrat to capitalist roader”. To “from capitalist roader to fascist dictator”. This is determined by their reactionary character, we have not slandered them at all.

2. They have pushed the national economy into the depths of a “appalling catastrophe”

Since the reactionaries restored the capitalist road some four years ago, they’ve heaped malicious slander on the radiant, fruitful l0 years of the Cultural Revolution as “10 years of appalling catastrophe”. But the eyes of the people are clear. Who created “an appalling catastrophe”? It is them. Because in fact before the 1976 October counter-revolutionary coup our country was a financially sound and economically stable socialist country with no external or internal debts and a treasury of over tens of billions in reserve.

However, by 1978, under these wasteful squandering reactionaries who have restored the capitalist road, we only had around one billion left. As we entered 1980, due to their going against correct principles and the serious effects from this, our country went from a surplus to a deficit, saddled with $17 billion deficit. It is predicted that in 1981 to 1982, we’ll still be saddled with over $10 billion in deficits. What makes this shocking deficit happen? It cannot be separated from the anti-Party, counter-revolutionary restoration of the capitalist road. Under the frantic direction of the handful of swine, vile curs, self-proclaimed “supermen” who can summon wind and rain, and who regard themselves as “condescending saviors”, they’ve picked up what others spit out, making the “four modernisations” the brainchild of their genius. The so-called “Ten-Year Economic Plan”, followed by the so-called “Eight Point Program” for a three year readjustment this bullshit has been blown apart. One after another program has fallen flat, especially as they see only dollar signs in their eyes, worship anything foreign, and create so-called “special economic districts”.

These in fact serve to attract overseas and foreign capital, for wholesale exploitation of the sweat and blood of our people’s labor. They want to make these special districts in a socialist country into a “paradise” for openly conducting illegal activities, profiteering, smuggling and avoiding taxes, and hoarding. They have completely lost confidence in socialism. They have blown apart the policy of self- reliance and building up the country through hard work and frugality. They recklessly turn towards capitalist countries to import machinery and equipment, bring in so-called “advanced technology”. In less than two to three years time, the total amount shot up to 16 to 17 billion U.S. dollars. And all these imported goods were bought through high interest loans. For just one item, the Baoshan Steel Mill, several billion dollars. They’re truly the ones “blindly directing” and disregarding economic accounting. The end result is insufficient sufficient raw materials, lack of knowledge of how to run and maintain the machinery, no matching or spare parts. And in turn, it has become a serious burden. The sweat and blood of the broad masses of people are being wasted by them in this way!

As far as their turning tail and begging for capitalist countries’ aid, they stick their head into the capitalist noose, letting the capitalist “big daddies” play, laugh and pull them around, but still they don’t feel any shame. These kind of actions not only disgrace socialism, but are a disgrace for the Chinese people.

3. Creating a Serious “Crisis of Confidence”

Ever since the founding of the Chinese Communist Party and the nation in the last several decades, the Party has built up tremendous prestige among the people of all nationalities in the country, especially in the brilliant ten years of the Cultural Revolution. Masses of youth, hungrily, thirstily, studied Marxism-Leninism and the works of Mao Tse-tung. More than a few Red Army fighters, old cadres rejuvenated their revolutionary vigor, fiercely advanced forward to serve the people. Educated youth went to the countryside, conquering nature, and from that emerged group after group of Lei Fang-type heroes like Zhu Hejia and others.

“721 Workers College”, “May 7 College”, village political night schools, theoretical study groups, etc. and other such open door education were important educational reforms and also popularized upsurges in mass study campaigns. It allowed the workers, peasants, soldiers to climb into the political superstructure, training for our socialist revolution and construction countless revolutionary cadres through the “three great Revolutionary Movements”, tempering them as fighters capable of struggling and winning. All these creative developments not only shed light on the glorious milestone of our socialist cause but also received the respect and confidence from all anti-revisionist Marxist-Leninist fraternal parties around the world.

However, even when we advanced one step it became a thorn in the side of those anti-Party, counter-revolutionary cliques. Therefore, as soon as the conspiracy to restore the capitalist road held sway, they desperately and with vengeance went all out to sabotage and trample upon the Cultural Revolution. In a frenzy they distorted Marxism-Leninism, threw mud on socialism and slandered revolutionary leaders, and persecuted revolutionary cadres and masses. They promoted the semi-feudal, semi-colonial philosophy of bowing to the almighty dollar, looking only after profits, “whoever feeds you, you call them mother”, and worshiping anything “foreign”. To build up this evil atmosphere and let bad people run rampant, they painted socialism all dark.

The broad masses of youth feel empty and purposeless; workers, peasants, soldiers have no hopes, no future. This naturally created a “crisis of confidence” unheard of since the birth of socialist China. Today it is hard to find the Party’s true sons and daughters who seriously study Marxism-Leninism. Many of the sons and daughters from the ranks of workers, peasants and soldiers who contributed in the various battlefields of production and were given important leadership positions are now being kicked out, and also suffer brutal persecution. Going to the countryside is no longer the goal of those dedicated to making revolution. It is just the opposite. These revisionists opened the back door wide blatantly pursued privileges, and whipped up an insidious atmosphere of competing to send children abroad At the present time an ugly display being put on by some scum who can distinguish a few ABC’s, scheming in a thousand and one ways in a mad rush to go abroad to pay their “pilgrimage” eat capitalist bread and refuse to to eat Chinese steamed buns and rice!

Even more pitiful and despicable is how this bunch of half-assed “going abroaders” spend hard-earned foreign exchange saved through the sweat and blood of the motherland. Either they indulge in the capitalist criminal “civilisation” while they are abroad, or they turn their backs completely on the motherland, and grease their shoes to slip away; and some even commit suicide. This provides abundant propaganda material for capitalist countries and the Taiwan KMT, who talk of shocking “defectors to freedom”, who are dissatisfied with China’s “totalitarian” rule. When you insult yourself, others then can do it easier. Judging from this serious situation, this anti-Party clique not only created a “crisis of confidence” in our country but is swinging the wrecking ball to destroy every last brick of our socialist building.

4. Enlarging Bourgeois Cultural Pollution and Spreading Bourgeois Ideological Poison.

In the ten glorious years of the Cultural Revolution, spring lights were bright, orioles sang and swallows swirled. There could not have been enough praise for the heroic achievements of our worker, peasant, and soldier literary workers who were active in all battlefronts of the “Three Great Revolutionary Movements “. here were more military epic poems than could be recited; pictures depicting the development and progress of workers and peasants, technology and national defence were numerous; even more, on the road of socialist construction, weeding out the old to let the new emerge, we had endless enjoyable, inspiring, colorful and poetic revolutionary literary works. However today, the proletariat has not only lost state power, but also power in the field of literature.

Therefore, a metal bell was discarded and replaced by the thunderous noise of tile banging together and those ghosts monsters in the field of art literature who were knocked down before have now floated back to-the surface, and they issue sour and stinking “revenge literature”, “settling accounts literature”. And some shameless prostitutes who are used to kissing ass and pursuing stinking stuff to please the reactionaries who restored the capitalist road seized the opportunity to put out their “wound literature” and “conspiracy literature”. They thought as long as they could squeeze out a few drops of tears, then they could portray the bright sky of the Cultural Revolution as a clouded, blue mess. But the radiance of the Cultural Revolution is not something they could cover up, but rather the “revenge literature”, “settling-accounts literature”, “wound literature”, “conspiracy literature”, purposely cooked up and put forward by the anti-Party, counter- revolutionary clique which restored the capitalist road, has already spread a dark cloud and filthy air throughout the sky of our motherland.

Under the cover of this cloud, without any light of sun or moon, some capitalist decadence – pornography, tight pants, long hair, dark glasses, disco, degenerate music, etc. at first quietly smuggled in – has- become brazenly marketed. All the education about revolutionary tradition, the hard and simple lifestyle, has been wiped out by this handful of wolves, swine, and vile curs who restored the capitalist road! Judging from all this, we ask can you find a single iota of Marxism-Leninism in their body and soul?

Through the Party on Trial, What Comes Out is the Ugly Face of the Ruling Clique Who Restored the Capitalist Road

In order to find reason, and excuse for their criminal conspiracy of usurping the Party and seizing power, their anti-Party, counter-revolutionary, anti-people conspiracy pushed Chiang, Chang, Wang and Yao – these Marxist fighters who had opposed them but are now in prison due to their surprise attack onto the stage and copied bourgeois legalities in order to stage this throughly farcical ugly show this so called “trial”. But everybody knows that what Chiang, Chang, Wang and Yao implemented were the instructions of Comrade Mao Tsetung, who was supported by the whole Party, whole nation, and whole army, and Comrade Mao Tsetung’s instructions were issued after summing up and were based on the the common will of the Party Centre and the people of the whole country.

Even that small handful of people who are today sitting high on the judge’s seat at the “trial” were at that time yelling “Long Live Chairman Mao!” closely following Chairman Mao’s brilliant leadership. If they are not two-faced people who say one thing and do another, and indulge in intrigue and conspiracy, hen why did they not openly uphold the capitalist road while Comrade Mao was still alive, directly oppose the GPCR or even apply this special talent of surprise attack to arrest and imprison the great revolutionary leader who was supported by the people of all nationalities in the whole country? This is because the people did not stand on their side, and truth also did not stand on their side.

Therefore they had to wear an obedient mask of following Chairman Mao and following the Party Centre. Following the important battle to rectify through criticism of revisionism,criticizing Lin Piao and Confucius, they showed an even more extraordinary willingness to falsely gain trust. Only Comrade Mao Tsetung died, as the people of the whole country were in grief, did they launch a sudden attack and finally completely expose what has always been their true anti-Party, counter-revolutionary and anti-people face. Precisely because they are two-faced plotters, when they “try” Chiang, Chang, Wang, and Yao today, actually they are putting on “trial” the greatest Marxist-Leninist of our time, the great founder of the People’s Republic of China, Comrade Mao Tsetung. Furthermore, they are putting on “trial” the great Chinese Communist Party, which has a 60 year history and has gone through 28 years of revolutionary struggle to overthrow the reactionary rule of imperialism, feudalism, and bureaucratism.

But when they perform this ugly drama of a “trial” of the revolutionary teacher and a “trial” of the Chinese Communist Party, they also by necessity bring to trial the wild ambitions of their own small handful of people to attempt in vain to restore the capitalist road. Actually the serious damage, outlined in the pamphlet, to our politics, economy, society as well as to education and culture inflicted by them after they took control of the Party and seized power, is already sufficient to make each one of us, especially every Marxist-Leninist, recognize that their anti-Party, counter-revolutionary and anti-people crimes have already reached such a point that they are hated by all the people. What is especially so hateful is that they are not ashamed of their treachery to the Party and the country, but instead have taken one scene after another from their ugly drama of putting the Party on “trial” and putting themselves on trial and chosen TV footage that most brings out their “arrogant frenzy” to be relayed by satellite.

The rights to the footage were sold to the American Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS) for $40,000. The American ABC system, not wanting to be left behind, also broadcast footage from the satellite. Seeing that ABC could get the film without paying, and unwilling to suffer any losses, CBS refused to pay up. Seeing a sure jackpot slip out of their hands, made this handful of white cats, black cats, greedy dogs, hungry dogs who have restored the capitalist road yell like mad and charge the other side with violating the contract. Now this fight is really getting heated!

In addition, this bunch of shameless trash have put fragments of their dirty act onto a cassette and are selling each tape for 230 Hong Kong dollars marketing it in great quantities abroad and in Hong Kong and Macao. This further proves that these bad elements that have restored the capitalist road will do anything to make money, even making shameless international laughing stocks out of themselves, and are willing to commit any criminal schemes to harm the country and the people’s interests. But we seriously warn this handful of bad elements, your clumsy performances will not only fail to subdue the Chinese Communist Party, thousands and millions of heroic fighters who firmly uphold Marxism-Leninism; in fact under your tortures and threats, Comrades Chiang Ching and Chang Chun-chiao dared to despise the performances of your pack of rats and clowns, having long since disregarded the question of their own lives and deaths.

The spirit of the two comrades Chiang and Chang in upholding the truth and persevering in struggle has greatly encouraged the revolutionary people of our country, the revolutionary comrades of our Party, and all those in the Liberation Army who refuse to be dragged into the swamp by these reactionary capitalist- roaders, and to be determined to make revolution and fight to the end. Countries want independence, people want revolution, and we want Marxism-Leninism, not revisionism and especially not capitalism – this road towards the future nobody can block. As long as we live, you bunch of wolves, swine and vile curs who have restored capitalism, you’d better not swagger too soon. We must also increase our work a hundredfold, strengthen our fighting ability and persevere . We vow that we will seize political power and put it back in the hands of the proletariat. If you do not believe it, just watch .

Printed in A World to Win Number 14

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