Communist women carry out assassination operation for Ivana Hoffman 7/3/2015


QAMIŞLO–The Marxist-Leninist Communist Party (MLKP) Communist Women’s Organization has assassinated a Daesh /ISIS gang member on behalf of Ivana Hoffman (Avaşîn Têkoşîn Güneş), the internationalist MLKP fighter killed while fighting Daesh/ISIS gangs in Til Temir, in Rojava, on March 7. The women fighters carried out the assassination operation on a Daesh gang member in Rojava’s Cizîre Canton on March 8. The women’s organization was founded at a conference on January 3-7, 2015.

“The Daesh gangs, unable to stomach their defeat at Til Hemis and Til Barak, attacked Til Temir. These gangs have killed hundreds of Assyrian men and abducted and murdered hundreds of Assyrian women and we will not let them pass,” the women said in a statement. “With this action, we are announcing once more that we will guard the Rojava revolution, whatever the price in life and blood. As MLKP Communist Women’s Organization members we promise to grow the Rojava revolution together with our YPJ comrades.

“Just like our comrade Avaşîn Têkoşîn Güneş, we will continue to make barricades with our bodies and resist Daesh reactionism, the enemy of humanity and of women. We dedicate our action to Avaşîn Têkoşîn Güneş (Ivana Hoffman), who has become immortal through her heroic resistance against the Daesh attack on TilTemir as she crossed continents for the sake of an honorable future for all oppressed people. “We promise to you, comrade: your ambition for struggle is ours, your will for change is ours, your struggle for women’s freedom is ours. We will walk in your footsteps and we won’t let your gun fall silent. We will continue to be a nightmare for the femicidal rapist Daesh gangs.”

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