Last letter of Ivana Hoffmann dedicated to her comrades, before she went to Rojava


Comrades, Party.

I can’t distinguish the most beautiful colors anymore, I dont feel the wind of the city on my skin anymore, the singing of the birds sounds more like a call for freedom. I have made a descision, days and nights I lived with these thoughts in my head and today is the day to make this step with all my will, which is strong just as the flow of the river Dîcle-Firat. I want to be a part of the Revolution in Rojava, I want to evolve, In this six months I want to get to know the fight, which unites all the opressed people and of course the Rojava Revolution, which I will defend with my life. I know what I am going for and how important this fight is. I know that there will be difficulties, I will notice, what capitalistic features I have in me but I will fight these.

I will experience what it feels like to have a weapon in my hand and to fight for the Rojava Revolution, against Imperialism. I will experience life in a different way, more intensive and organized. Maybe I will get to my limits and fall back but I will never give up fighting spirit and I will go on. Nothing holds me here. I cant’t look passively at how my sisters, brothers, friends, mothers, fathers, comarades are fighting for independence of Capitalism. I will represent the Internationalism of the Party and be a part of the armed and organized movement. When I will come back, I will infect my comarades, my surroundings with the fighting spirit and the willpower, I will be like the beautiful songs and pull everyone in my spell. I will be a guerilla full of charity and hope.

Yasasin Partimiz

Yasain Devrim

Yasain Sosyalizm

Your comrade Ivana Hoffmann

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