International Working Women’s Day in Germany


Report on the 8th of March

Since the year before last we had put great effort to organize a powerful contingent for the 8th of March Demonstration in Hamburg, as a part for the implementation of proletarian Feminism within the revolutionary movement in FGR. As a part of the development of our work we decided in consultation with comrades in Berlin and Cologne to focus our work on the working class areas themselves. Because of that we conducted a systematical campaign in the weeks before 8th of March and on the 8th of March itself in the working class areas of Berlin, Hamburg and Cologne.

In this three cities we also participated in the various demonstrations. We were part of the alliance which organized the demonstration in Hamburg, but regardless a main slogan was implemented for the demonstration which we do not correspond with and because of that our participation in the demonstration was more limited than we hoped for. We hope and believe that we can reach a higher unity on a principal basis with our comrades in the alliance through an active debate and a common practice.

We think it is important to emphasize that proletarian Feminism is never and will never be an issue of morality, but a declaration of war against patriarchy and those who talk about women’s struggle without struggle against patriarchy, without struggle against the oppression of women through men, they do not understand the ABC of marxism and that practice, what we saw with clarity, which is based on this kind of theory just leads to a “women’s struggle” which becomes just a signboard and in practice to degrade female comrades to wifes, mothers, lovers or any other denotation, what they all have in common, to say it in the lingua franca of imperialism: “sidekicks”. A stand which we can just repulse sharply.

-Red Women’s Committee 

8th of March 2015




Activities for the 8th of March in Berlin

On the 8th of March in Berlin regarding the international women’s day of struggle banners were put up on various locations showing the slogan “Women fight and resist!” and signed with “RFK” to win the masses in those areas over for the women’s day of struggle and proletarian feminism. To mobilize for the demonstration posters were put up. About 5000 persons marched in Berlin from Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz to Brandenburger Tor. The demonstration was embossed mainly by petty bourgeois expressions as well as the presence of bourgeois parties from SPD and green party over PDL to MLPD and did not march through the working class areas of Berlin but through the city center. Many were missing seriousness in the demonstration, which was more equal to a parade or an rave. In the demonstration some comrades and masses were participating under our flag. Our contingent consisted of 70% new masses, which shows what relevance and what mobilizing effect the struggle for the emancipation of women has.




Activities for the 8th of March in Hamburg

Regarding the international women’s day of struggle there where a lot of activities in Hamburg this year. Already on the 7th of March this year there was a demonstration regarding the 8th of March through the city center of Hamburg, organized by an alliance of different women’s organizations. Up to 500 people participated at the demonstration, a lot of speeches were hold, among them the Red Women’s Committee (Hamburg). A big part of the demonstration consisted of revolutionary women’s and workers organizations, especially from Turkey.

Beforehand the Red Women’s Committee mobilized for the Demonstration with hundreds of posters and hundreds of leaflets. In the evening the women’s organization ADKH (Democratic Women’s Movement of Europe) held a cultural event with theater, movies, music and speeches, among them a greeting from the Red Women’s Comittee to to the revolutionary and fighting women worldwide. In true implementation of proletarian feminism, to uphold and defend it, there where actions on the 8th of March in some working class areas of Hamburg too.

In Dulsberg, Billstedt and Wilhelmsburg rallies where held, on which speeches where hold about the oppression of women in oppressed and imperialist countries and the apolitism of women. But also about the fighting and resisting women of Peru, India, Brazil, Turkey Bangladesh etc., which shall set an example for the revolutionary women in Germany. In the night before the 8th of March there also appeared banners in some working class areas, showing the slogans “Onto the streets for the 8th of March! Proletarian feminism for communism!” and “Women fight and resist!”


Activities for the 8th of March in Cologne

In celebration of the 8th of March, the international women’s day of struggle, about 700 hundred people participated in the central demonstration the day before. Starting from Wiener Platz after the opening declarations the rally marched through Mühlheim receiving great appreciation by the local residents. But also before and after the 7th of March there were activities: On occasion of the 8th of March posters were put up in different areas to mobilize for the demonstration and on the 8th of March itself, a large banner was put up in Mühlheim.


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