Almost all the districts of East Bengal have suffered in recent flood. People, cattle, food grains, houses and possessions are damaged. People’s life and livelihood are seriously affected by the flood in rainy season, drought in dry season and increasing price hike of food grains. People want immediate salvation from those problems and want to live peacefully with having enough food and clothes. The flood, drought and food problems of East Bengal are related to occupiers of state power of Bangladesh. At present, the state power of East Bengal is in the hands of the Awami traitors, the representatives of Indian Expansionism, Social Imperialism, Bureaucratic Capitalism and Feudalism.

Peasants-workers-masses of East Bengal have fallen in extreme financial crisis by their exploitation- plunder and repression. In order to make flood control, prevent drought and solve food problem, masses of people need to be utilized based on their own initiative. But the relation between people and government is of exploitation- plunder-repression. This is why it is not possible for this government to mobilize and utilize them. Moreover, the Indian Expansionism is imposing their country flood, and during the dry season, they are creating drought in East Bengal by blocking and reserving water by Farakka Barrage. The Bangladesh puppet government is making no opposition to its master Indian Expansionism’s such anti-East Bengal activities. Peasants are demoralized in production due to the ruthless exploitation by Bureaucratic Capital, Feudalism, Indian Expansionism, Social Imperialism and Imperialism. Food problem has further worsened by black-marketing, smuggling to India, Mahajani (Usury), Mojudari (Stocking of goods to make extreme profit when people are not getting those — Sarbaharapath).

So, flood-drought and food problems of East Bengal can be solved by overthrowing anti-people traitor government of East Bengal and establishing a people’s government. We have to establish government of workers-peasants and patriots, overthrow the Indian Expansionism, Social Imperialism, Imperialism and Bureaucratic Capitalism and Feudalism and establish state power of Workers, peasants and people. So, people themselves will be the owner of the state. Being mobilized and connected to specialists, they will work voluntarily to make dams, ponds, control flood via digging canal-river, solve drought problem and solve food problem via establishing commune. India must be compelled to obey the international rules and regulations regarding Farrakka problem and flood problem of India. Thus, people of China and Vietnam, by establishing People’s Government, themselves have solved flood, drought and food problems on the basis of self-reliance.

In the same path, we shall be able to solve flood, drought and food problems. The Moni-Mojaffar revisionist traitors do not recognize the truth that the basic reason behind flood, drought and food problem is the seizure of power of East Bengal by the representatives of Indian Expansionism, Soviet Social Imperialism, US led Imperialism and East Bengal Bureaucratic Capitalism and Feudalism and their unprecedented exploitation and plunder. By not giving revolutionary program to overthrow the above mentioned reactionaries and establishing seizure of power by people to solve the problem, the Moni-Mojaffar revisionist traitors are carrying mere reformist activities and tailing behind the Awami fascists. Therefore, the flood, drought and food problem of East Bengal can be solved by overthrowing present government and establishing proletarian class led people’s government.

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