The Modi led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government that is in power is pursuing all the pro-imperialist and pro-corporate policies but more aggressively than the prior governments. The Modi government is selling out the country more so to the imperialists under the so-called false developments projects as in the railway sector. The sell out is not only limited to the corporate sectors, the main sells-out is directed at the oppressed peoples of India.

The anti-workers amendments to the labour laws, on education on all the progressive, democratic, revolutionary forces have been taken to a higher level by the new regime reflecting the pro imperialist policies of the regime. Some of the several laws that were amended are concerning economic, political, social, cultural and environmental sectors that till now were able to uphold some of the rights of the people to an extent but these have now been discarded. This reflects the arbitrary usage of the power against the people; as this can be considered the continuity of the anti-people measures in previous regimes. The imperialist agenda and the agenda of the ruling Indian classes not changed with Modi in power.

The hastening of the agenda is apparent, surpassing anything before. The imperialists still struggling to overcome their economic crisis and the Indian ruling classes attempting to further their expansionist policies they demand the regime to intensify the suppression and repression of all the opposition in the country. For this they need to wipe out all democratic, progressive and revolutionary opposition and their movements. The scale of aggressiveness in pursuing these policies, the sharpening of the brutality against these movements and the people are unprecedented. Within this framework Operation Green Hunt (OGH) is also expanded to the Third Phase. OGH is nothing but a war waged by the Indian ruling classes and its state on its own people. This vicious countrywide offensive on people’s various resistances, particularly targeting the Maoist movement, has been raging unabated, since its launch in mid- 2009 by the UPA-2 government till date. The preparations for this OGH (War on People)-Third Phase are going on at a rapid pace led by the fascist Modi regime.

In order to raise public information, awareness and to expose the unabated war on people in India, some organizations around the world concerned with this issue have gathered and decided on an International Delegation Against the War On People in India. We are fully aware of the fact that the international awareness and support is of utmost importance to the success of the International Delegation. The first goal of the international delegation is to expose the policies of the Modi regime against the people. Its aggressive attacks on any international solidarity with the revolutionary struggle in India. The International Delegation will mainly expose the barbaric crimes of the Indian regime and in several events and occasions demand a halt to these. One other important task for the delegation will be to demand the release of Dr. GN Saibaba and other political prisoners.

It will openly declare its support with all the oppressed and demand the usurped rights for the: peasants, progressives, Adivasis, Dalits, workers, women and others who suffer from the fascist repressive Modi regime. It will also declare its solidarity with the progressive and revolutionary movements. The International Delegation will consist of representative from approximately 10 countries, varying from international activists known to the people, intellectuals, advocates of human rights etc. We appeal to all the democratic, revolutionary organisations, forces, individuals and people in the world to support or to join the International delegation against the war on people in India by the Brahminical Hindu fascist, anti-people, regressive Modi government. We call to all to support building up solidarity with the oppressed peoples of India.

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