Peasant leaders murdered by the reactionary state in Brazil

Leaders of the struggle for the land assassinated by the police and private gunmen under the PT social fascist regime.


Gilson Goncalves, head of LCP Rondonia, tortured and murdered by gunmen on 8/12/2009


Elcio Machado, head of the LCP RO,tortured and murdered by gunmen on 8/12/2009


Jose Claudio and Maria do Espirito Santo, murdered by gunmen in New Ipixuna – PA on 5/24/2011



Renato Nathan, peasant leader murdered in Jacinopolis – RO at 9/4/2012


Josiah P. de Castro, peasant leader of MT, and his wife were killed by gunmen in Ireni on 16/08/2014


Marinalva Manoel,indigenous Guarani Kaiowa leader was killed on 11/01/2014


Cleomar Rodrigues, head of the North LCP MG, killed on 10.22.2014 by gunmen


Jose Antonio dos Santos, killed by an armed band led by former police officers in Rondonia on 27/01/2015


Valmir Mota de Oliveira, the ‘Keno’, MST leader assassinated by gunmen on 21/10/2007 in Santa Tereza do Oeste – PR


Luiz Lopes, head of the LCP Para killed by gunmen at the behest of landlords on June 15, 2009

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