Chairman Mao said, “Historical experience deserves attention”. By making summation of experience, laws can be discovered and future problems can be solved. As long as classes exist in society, class struggle will be there. That class struggle of the society will be reflected in the political party of proletariat as two lines struggle, that is, struggle between bourgeoisie and proletariat. That struggle will continue centered on power of party and state.

The bourgeoisie reactionaries of inside and outside party will always make life and death effort to seize power of party and state and transform party and state into bourgeoisie fascist party and state. Inevitably the proletarians also will make life and death effort to keep party and state power in their hands and defeat and smash the bourgeoisie. Sometimes that class struggle will take intense form. The bourgeoisie reactionaries will try to capture power in both open and secret method and inevitably they will make conspiracy and clique, spread rumor-slander, bad name and form faction and clique. The experience of international communist movement proves that in class society, such type of incidents is not accidental but inevitable end of class struggle.

The emergence of Khrushchev, Liu Chao Chi, Lin Piao etc reactionaries proves nothing but that conclusion. Khrushchev succeeded in capturing power while Liu-Lin despite partially captured power, was finally defeated and smashed. The proletarian revolutionaries led by Chairman Mao Tsetung successfully resisted the capture of power of party and state by Liu Chao Chi and Lin Piao bourgeoisie reactionaries. It is a great victory and teaching for the proletarian revolutionaries of the world. In the Proletarian Party of East Bengal, the Fazu-Sultan traitor clique frantically tried to capture power of party and kill comrade Siraj Sikder and other genuine revolutionaries, made conspiracy and clique and formed clique-faction by taking opportunists, renegades and degenerated elements.

The Central Committee led by comrade Siraj Sikder and other sincere proletarian revolutionaries carried firm principled struggle against the Fazlu-Sultan clique and totally defeated and smashed them ideologically, politically and organizationally. When carrying counterrevolutionary activities, some of them were annihilated by the proletarian revolutionaries. Party wide ideological rectification campaign was carried to uproot the influence of clique. Thus, for the first time in the history of East Bengal, the Proletarian Party of East Bengal achieved victory by correctly carrying anti-factional struggle and gained very much valuable and important experience. Yet, that is not the final struggle.

The bourgeoisie reactionaries of inside and outside party will regularly try to capture power of party and state so long as classes exist in society. Inevitably, the proletarian revolutionaries also must have to carry life and death struggle to defeat and smash bourgeoisie reactionaries and keep the power of party and state in the hands of the proletarians. Whether or not party will remain revolutionary and state will be of proletarians depends on the victory of that struggle. In those struggles, the historic experience of anti-factional struggle of the Proletarian Party of East Bengal will be very much helpful.

Therefore, the whole party must attentively learn from the significant very much valuable experience and anti-bourgeoisie struggle of the domestic and international proletariat, that is, complex, zig zag and life and death two lines struggle. We must constantly carry struggle against the representatives of the bourgeoisie reactionaries to defeat and smash them. We have to make sure that the power of party and state is always in the hands of the proletarian revolutionaries. Hence, we have to ceaselessly carry the liberation struggle of country, nation and people forward towards victory.


The Fazlu-Sultan clique made clique by taking various forms of revisionists, renegades, opportunists, degenerated and lumpens and carried counterrevolutionary activities to kill comrade Siraj Sikder and other genuine revolutionaries. Their those filthy counterrevolutionary activities lasted only two months. When carrying counterrevolutionary activity, Fazlu was annihilated by revolutionaries. Another one gangster of Fazlu clique, the reactionary intellectual Humayun Kabir was also annihilated when he was carrying counterrevolutionary activity..

The others affiliated to clique were expelled for ever from party. The remnants of clique has now become government agent and under the name of Proletarian Party (Marxist-Leninist) is making counterrevolutionary effort to deceive revolutionaries and people. Their that effort also must fail finally. Like Fazlu, soon, they will be thrown to the dustbin of history.

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