CPN Maoist Clippings 12/1/2015


Chand proposes ‘PLA’ revival

DANG, Jan 9: The CPN Maoist led by Netra Bikram Chand has started preparations to revive the ´People´s Liberation Army (PLA)´ and Chand has officially proposed this in his party document presented at the first national convention of the party held here. The Maoist group led by Chand split from the CPN-Maoist, itself a splinter group of the UCPN (Maoist). Chand has tabled the revival proposal, arguing that the PLA was needed to complete the ´revolution´. Chand raised the issue Wednesday at the opening session of the convention and he formally endorsed the proposal at the closed session.

Chand, in his party document, claimed that revolution is impossible without an army. “Our main objective is to lead the revolution, which remains incomplete till now,” a Maoist party leader quoted Chand as saying. Chand argued that the party needs a ´force´ to tackle the hurdles in the path of revolution. “Revolution will not always be peaceful,” the leader quoted Chand as saying at the closed session. Chand was against the decision to dissolve the Maoist party´s PLA though this was in line with the Comprehensive Peace Accord.

Chand, at the convention, argued that the Maoist leaders have left the revolution incomplete and surrendered to political parties that believe in a parliamentary system. Chand also said the party would not go underground right away. “We will choose the path of peaceful struggle but if that is not enough, we will go underground,”Chand was quoted as saying.


Chand proposes armed revolt

TULSIPUR (DANG), JAN 09 – CPN Maoist Coordinator Netra Bikram Chand presented his political paper, proposing to create “people’s liberation army”, during the closed session of the party’s ongoing national convention in Tulsipur on Thursday. “There is no alternative to armed revolt in the country. It is right time to complete the revolution,” a party representative quoted Chand as saying. Chand’s paper includes the plan for the preparation of armed revolt in the country. The document also proposes to declare “capitalists and compradors” as the party’s “principal enemy”.

In his paper, Chand expressed dissatisfaction over the Comprehensive Peace Agreement and evacuation of the PLA combatants from cantonments. Ninety representatives in the convention are scheduled to comment on Chand’s paper. Party spokesperson Khadka Bahadur Bishwakarma said the representatives will give their suggestions till Friday morning. The convention will elect the party leadership after the paper is finalised, he said. Around 400 representatives from various parts of the country are attending the gathering that kicked off on Wednesday.


CPN M revives single-person leadership

DANG: Newly established CPN Maoist, led by Netra Bikram Chand, has decided to revive war-era party structures. Closed session of the party’s first general convention being held in Tulsipur of Dang also decided to revive “people’s” army, government and courts. As a part the revived structure, the newest Maoist party will establish a single-person leadership of the General Secretary. It is almost certain that the convention will elect Chand as the powerful General Secretary.

The party will form a standing committee, a politburo, a central committee, five regional bureaus and state committee under him, according to the structure. Party leader Tilak Pariyar had proposed the party statute with a provision of leadership of the General Secretary. A participant of the convention said the gala will decide to keep the party semi-underground and establish a front to conduct political activities in public. Pariyar is likely to lead the open front.


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