Blackmails, pseudo-dilemmas and self-deceptions before the elections!-KKE (ml)


They bring worse days for the people!

We must open the road to mass struggle!

The stalemate of the local bourgeoisie under the suffocating imperialist pressure for the continuation and escalation of the attack against the people led to the inability to elect the President of the Republic and to premature elections. The foreign and local systemic centers of dependence and exploitation want now and through the elections to reorganize their forces and rally new candidates for participation in the government. The pre-election stage of 2012 when the imperialists had crudely intervened is again propped-up in a more reactionary way.

The imperialist headquarters have already started to bombard the people with blackmails and reactionary dilemmas, with threats of bankruptcy and scenarios of doom, exploiting to the limit the deeply dependent nature of the local bourgeoisie and its political personnel. At the same time they prepare for new, so-called alternative proposals. Despite their serious differences as to their intentions about using the country in their geopolitical interests, the US and European imperialists have one common target: The intensification of the exploitation and plunder of the workers and the people and their subjugation through a more reactionary system and the politics of fascistization. The local bourgeoisie and all political forces that aspire to govern will be called to serve these same policies.

The problems facing the people, the workers, the unemployed and the youth suffering from the barbaric policy of the EU and the IMF will not be solved through the elections and any governmental change. The people have won only through struggle. And the people have lost when these struggles abated. This truth neither the imperialist blackmails nor the self-deceptions of the “willing Left” of SYRISA can change. But both want to blur things and fence the people inside the dilemmas of the elections. For our people a more brutal and demanding period is in front of them. We need a more demanding and necessary reorganization of the popular forces. We must make more decisive steps towards the creation of a Resistance and Challenge Front that will bring the uprisings of 2010-2012 in the current conditions against the self-deceptions and the line of retreat that the forces of reformism and compromise have imposed.

With these in mind, against the blackmails and the reactionary dilemmas, the CPG (m-l) will participate in the political battle of the elections in cooperation with M-LCPG with candidates in all country. We think that a common political basis has been formed between us these last years through the creation of Popular Resistance and our cooperation in the last elections. Also, our decision to participate in the coming elections forces us to postpone our 8th party Conference scheduled for the 16-18 January 2015, which will be held at a later date according to the political developments.

We know that this election struggle will be hard, unequal and time-pressing. We know that with our decision we go against the tide and ask for political support in conditions that are tough and demanding. But it is a battle that we must wage, today more than ever. We must accentuate as broadly as possible the line of popular and labor resistance and struggle. We must show our trust to the people and the labor movement, the only force that can impose progressive changes in History. And also to to show our own path, the path of emancipation from foreign and local despots, the path of Revolution, Independence and Socialism.

Athens, Monday, December 29, 2014

Communist Party of Greece (marxist – leninist)

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