40th Martyrdom Anniversary of Comrade Siraj Sikder!


Let Us Uphold Red flag in Bangladesh!

Hold high the red banner of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism!

Spread the flames of revolution from the high Himalayas to the seas!

Develop South Asia as the storm center of world revolution and as a base area for marching towards world communism!

Let Us unify under the banner of CCOMPOSA!

Maoist Communist Party Manipur extended our revolutionary solidarity and red salute to the 40th Martyrdom Anniversary of Comrade Siraj Sikder. Comrade Siraj Sikder was the founding leader of Proletarian Revolution in Bangladesh and he adopted Marxism-Leninism-Maoism as the guiding principle of the Bangladeshi Revolution. Comrade Siraj Sikder was the genuine revolutionary leader and he generously defined the concrete condition of the then Bangladesh. He taught and teaches the political line which the Proletarian of Bangladesh could decipher to the victory. Why we the proletarian of the world should remember Comrade Siraj Sikder for is his political vision on International Communist Movement. He categorically discards the Imperialism and capitalist world and establishes the Marxist ideology to the Bangladesh soil for the advancement of Proletarian Revolution in Bangladesh.

Comrade Siraj Sikder was properly described the semi feudal and semi colonial political character of Expansionist Imperialist India as “Indian big capitalist and feudalist government will not support national liberation movement of East Bengal under proletarian leadership because their aim is to exploit independent East Bengal under bourgeoisie leadership, and to get an anti-China anti Communist ally. But proletarian led liberated East Bengal will be a support to liberation of Assam, West Bengal, Bihar, Tripura and liberation of workers-peasants of whole India. That is why, Indian expansionism will try to crush the effort of establishing workers-peasants’ East Bengal.

It reveals that Comrade Siraj Sikder was truly one and only leader who sharply understood the common enemy of South Asian Sub continent in 1970’s and need of the hour to unify all the proletariat of South Asian Sub-Continent. We the Maoist Communist Party Manipur resolutely believe Comrade Siraj Sikder’s political sensitivity of unifying the proletarian revolutionary party of South Asian Sub Continent. Comrade Sikder was also a leader who wants to extend his support to the national liberation movement of so called North East India i.e., Assam, Nagaland, Tripura, Manipur and others.

In South Asia, there are some historical, geographical, economic and cultural specificities in this region‚ Indian expansionism backed by world imperialism‚ mainly US imperialism‚ is the common enemy of the people. Therefore, building unity among genuine Maoist forces in this region has become an immediate task. As real successors and disciples of Marx, Lenin and Mao, it is necessary to seize this rare opportunity to accomplish New Democratic Revolutions in this region and advance the world revolution to socialism and communism.

So we therefore honouring comrade Siraj Sikder in relation with the 40th Martyrdom Anniversary of Comrade Siraj Sikder and endorsing all the South Asian Maoist parties and Organizations to unify under the banner of the Co-Ordination Committee of Maoist Parties and Organizations of South Asia (CCOMPOSA) and uphold the red flag in entire south Asian. Maoist Communist Party Manipur has already discussed with the other Maoist Parties and there is an understanding of possibility in near future. Today on the 40th Martyrdom Anniversary of Comrade Siraj Sikder, Maoist Communist Party Manipur has extended revolutionary solidarity to the Genuine Maoist Parties of Bangladesh and appeal to consolidate with the new initiative of Maoist Communist Party Manipur to unify all the Maoist Parties and Organizations of South Asia under the banner of CCOMPOSA.

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