20th Anniversary of the detention and historical speech of chairman Gonzalo from the cage-PCM Italy


We recall and celebrate the 20th anniversary of the historical Speech from the cage by Chairman Gonzalo, held in isolation for 20 years in the prisons of the Peruvian regime and imperialism. The 25th of September 1992, from the obscene cage in which the corrupt genocidal and anti-people Fujimori’s regime, supported by imperialism and CIA, had locked him, chairman Gonzalo, leader of the Peruvian revolution, had his historical speech, with which, among other, made strongly clear:

“We are here as children of the people and we are fighting in these trenches, they are also trenches of combat, and we do it because we are Communists! Because here we are defending the interests of the people, the principles of the Party, and the People’s War. That is what we do, we are doing it and will continue to do so! … The road is long and we shall arrive. We shall triumph! … What do we need? We need Maoism to be incarnated, and it is being incarnated, and by generating Communist Parties to drive and lead this new great wave of the world proletarian revolution that is coming. … ”

20 years later, the People’s war in Peru still suffers a crisis but the words of chairman Gonzalo stand as a reference point of how to advance in Peru and of great importance in the world. Our Party never gave up the defence of this Speech and chairman Gonzalo, the support of the People’s War in Peru and PCP, rather, in these years it has been the only force in the RIM, in the ICM and in our country that has consistently respected and carried forward them.

We still support the comrades who in Peru and abroad carry forward the ideology, the line and the practice of the People’s War pointed out by chairman Gonzalo. Today, in Peru and in the PCP, the main enemy, the right opportunism, is fought at a national and international scale, the right opportunism that takes different looks in Peru and abroad and sows confusion and division: the red flag of PCP, People’s War and chairman Gonzalo is raised as a dogmatic icon, to bury and oppose it to other people’s wars in the world, first, the currently most developed one, the People’s War in India. The application of Maoism cannot develop in a dogmatic and stereotyped form, because this gives birth to “paper parties”, unable to apply the MLM to the concrete reality with the necessary innovations required by the changes of imperialism and the differences in the single countries.

This line has already failed in our Movement and brought about damages and deviations, it creates fiefs, not Parties. At the same time, it is absolutely necessary an historical summation of PCP for a strategic resumption. Nobody should charge chairman Gonzalo with the simplifications of many of his supporters in Peru and abroad. Chairman Gonzalo, master of dialectics, has, for example, analyzed properly and meaningfully the experience of the armed struggle in European countries in the 70s, getting away from any liquidation, but underlining that only Communist Parties guided by the MLM can correctly develop this kind of struggle in the imperialist countries, in the context of the universal strategy of People’s War applied to the reality of those countries, a people’s war that only can have as climax and final goal the people’s insurrection for the seizure of the political power.

The subjectivist militarism of some positions existing in the communist movement in the imperialist countries – armed struggle without Party, Party without revolutionary politics, militarists who let the proletariat fall under the rule of economism and revisionism – has nothing to do with the ideological and political development of Chairman Gonzalo and the history of PCP and the People’s War under the leadership of Chairman Gonzalo. Our Party has included in its founding theses those that should be considered as the contributions of Chairman Gonzalo to the revolutionary Marxist-Leninist-Maoist theory, in its development in the current historical stage.

“The Gonzalo thought In the application of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, principally Maoism, to the reality on a world scale and within each country, it is necessary to refer to what is now the spearhead of the international communist movement: the Communist Party of Peru and the Gonzalo Thought. The elements of the Gonzalo thought are finding verification in the theoretical and practical advances of Maoist parties and organizations. The “critical assimilation” of them is a necessary condition for the application of Maoism to today’s reality. What are the contributions of Chairman Gonzalo:

To have established, amidst the fire of the people’s war, Maoism as the third and higher stage of Marxism-Leninism;

To have established, in theory and practice, the universality of people’s war as the winning strategy of the proletariat and, within it, the concept of the militarized communist parties, built in order to prepare, begin and develop the people’s war

The need to work out a “specific thought”, fruit of the creative application of MLM to the reality of each country, as a weapon to define and establish the program, the strategy and tactics of the revolution. Only through the development of a “specific thought”, the universality of MLM, the proletarian revolution and communism can be established in each country;

The scientific concept of the Leadership, based on the development of the “specific thought” in the ideological and strategic spheres, fruit of the experience of the revolutionary struggle of the proletariat, that forges its leaders, which represent the incarnation and advanced synthesis, able to lead the revolution to the victory”

Therefore, recalling the brave and combative speech from the cage by Chairman Gonzalo, held in isolation for 20 years by the Peruvian regime and imperialism, we call vigorously to study and critically analyze, aiming to apply, the contributions of Chairman Gonzalo, as well as we call to revive the support to the People’s War in Peru, to Maoists in the PCP and abroad who operate to develop the People’s War, to defend the life of Chairman Gonzalo and to demand his public presentation so he can express himself.

Partito Comunista maoista – Italy 24th of September 2012

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