Peoples War in India Clippings 19/12/2014


‘Tiffin bomb’ recovered in Naxal-affected Kondagaon of Chattisgarh

A 15-kg ‘tiffin bomb’ planted by Naxals was found in Chhattisgarh’s Kondagaon district on Friday, police said. The tiffin-like container packed with explosives had been planted under a forest road connecting Isalnar and Hangwa villages, Kondagaon additional superintendent of police (ASP) Surjit Atri told PTI.


Maoists Gaining Strength in Northern Kerala

KOCHI: The State Government has submitted before the Kerala High Court that for the last one-and-half year, the presence and activities of Maoists have been reported all over Kerala, especially in the Wayanad, Kozhikode, Malappuram and Kannur districts. “It is a serious threat to the whole country, especially to the northern districts of Kerala” the State submitted. “It is reported that Maoists have been using the scheduled caste and scheduled tribe settlements for visiting the colonies – Chappel, Maradi, Mundel, Kombara, Arimala and Kunki Chira – within the jurisdiction of the Vellamunda police station.

They carry weapons and ammunition; conduct lectures; distribute pamphlets; and encourage the youth to join their organisation to fight against the government. It is nothing short of war against the nation. The police have registered several cases with regard to the activities of the group,” the State submitted. State Attorney P Vijaya Raghavan made the submission in response to a petition filed by Shyam Balakrishnan of Mattiliyam in Wayanad, against ‘harassment’ by the police alleging Maoist link. The petitioner submitted that the police took him into custody and conducted an illegal search in his house.


Villagers wary of suspected Maoist presence

Recurring incidents of suspected Maoist presence in two villages in Thondarnadu grama panchayat in Wayanad district have destroyed the tranquil life of the villagers, including the tribespeople. A visit by two unidentified persons on Wednesday night to a house at Korome was the latest in a series of such incidents. It was reported that the two men, one in black dhoti and black shirt and the other with a shawl across his face, visited the house of Mustafa of Kottaykkakath around 8.30 p.m. The house is located about 4 km from the Kunhome forests, where an encounter between the Thunderbolt and a group of armed militants was reported on Sunday evening.

Wayanad Attack: Missive from Maoists Blames Government

PALAKKAD: In a letter placed at the media boxes of the Press Club here on Thursday, Maoists alleged that the government is solely responsible for the attack between Maoists and Thunderbolts at Kunjom in Wayanad. The letter says, on December 7 at 5 27 pm the Maoists and Thunderbolt had an encounter in the forest where there was intense firing between them. It also says that Thunderbolt retreated to areas of safety and started fire after reaching safer zones. The Thunderbolt has been trying to eliminate Kabani Dalam (armed force) and trying to create informers in Adivasi settlements.

The Traffic cop of Quick Response Team Pramod was warned by Maoists against this. In the name of search operations, Thunderbolt has been harassing people and it is unjustifiable. Home Minister Ramesh Chennithala and his team are only trying to eliminate Maoists, but not addressing the real issues of people. The Maoists are fighting on behalf of the people to get them justice and resist against exploitation. The KPCC Chief once said that the root cause of Maoist menace must be eliminated. The root cause here is the suffering of the people and the government must take necessary measures to alleviate their suffering, and eliminating Maoists is not the solution. The letter concludes with the name Jogi, spokesperson of CPI (Maoist) Western Ghats Special Zone.

..Further, suspected Maoists kidnapped two Police personnel at Kushchira on Dumka-Pakur border on December 18, reports The Times of India. The Maoists also took away three rifles. In a separate incident Maoist cadres attacked a construction site and its workers on December 16 leaving several injured in Latehar District, reports ANI. The Maoists destroyed a make-shift tent and thrashed all the workers engaged in the construction of a bridge. The Maoists also burnt machines at the site before leaving pamphlets behind in which they owned up for the incident.

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