1. Our target of work is

– Building base in rural areas and liberate villages

– Encircle cities

– Finally seize cities

At present, our cadres are being developed who are experienced in armed struggle, arms are being captured, national enemies are being overthrown form villages and we are being able to drive out enemies from their outposts. Our works have widely spread, good works are being done in cities and countryside, utilization mass support is being mastered via mass struggle, cadres are mastering method of improvement and consolidation, the way of solving financial problem is being discovered and methods of unification of patriots and leftists are being applied.

Thus wonderful situation for our organization has been created. So, at present, putting the target of building base area in front, we have to utilize wonderful situation of organization and carry our work. We have to build mobile base area in plain land and vast guerrilla region liberated from national enemies. We have to build stable base area in strategic opportune place. With that aim, we have to actualize targets of 10th Communique of the Central Committee, and targets of Sixth Resolutions of Bureau No. 1. Materialization of target of Base Area will make huge development of revolution.

2. We have to emphatically study and apply 10th Communique, Sixth Resolutions of Bureau no. 1 and carry on consolidation on that basis.

3. Meeting proposes whole East Bengal General Strike on 26th March 1974

– To observe National Subservience Day

– Against the repression of Raxi Bahini [Raxi Bahini was a genocidal counterrevolutionary paramilitary force created by the then Awami Regime to tackle Maoist People’s War — Sarbaharapath]

– To overthrow Raxi Bahini

Right from the moment, carry propaganda about general strike among the people. We must apply the sumation regarding general strike [1]

4. Regarding Economic Operation:

Operation will be decided by our need, capacity and real situation. The setbacks that occurred in economic operation were mainly because of error in plan.

5. If anyone is appointed in a responsibility, he/she must carry that properly. If not able to carry that, do not accept responsibility. If anyone becomes member of any committee, he/she must play that role; otherwise, he/she must not be member of that committee.

6. Operation:

– Fill the ‘operation sheet’ after any operation

– Correct plan is decisive in operation

– Fix them with stages of operation, tell them to strictly abide by that; fix them non-completing of which stages will make cancellation of the operation.

– If condition for doing operation of any target does not exist, prepare that in planned manner. Each region will keep analyzed targets of operation under its areas and from now on will start work to prepare necessary conditions

– At present, emphasize on economic operation. If possible include military target or along with resisting military target or only economic target. Try to solve financial problem by depending on villages – Seriously consider the saying ‘A rotten snail can cut your feet’, otherwise, smaller operation also may cause setback.

– There are people to activate plan but there is lack of people who can make proper plan

– Do not recruit lumpens

– Keep control on military attack

– Strictly implement rules regarding seized materials and arms

– Consider utilizing people’s support in operation. People’s support will be aimless if that is not utilized.

– Doing operation in daytime is very much critical, so, put excessive concentration on that.

– Make plan by considering pre-operation, operation time and post operation stages with much importance

– Total operation-in-charge should stay in such distance, so he/she may solve raised problems until the above mentioned stages are complete.

– Take care of cadres in operation and all the cases.

This carefulness must be manifested in making correct line and plan and through implementing that in accordance with concrete condition.

– Build units of mobile force in every region who are able to carry guerrilla activities in whole East Bengal

7. Repeatedly study and apply documents of organization with proper importance

8. Further strengthen secret work-method and discipline. In face of huge enemy pressure too, we are having fewer losses because we are following correct secret work-method.

9) International: To make revolution, a party must principally depend on correctly making its own ideological, political, organization, military and other lines and actualizing that and on people, that is, on internal basis. Revolution cannot be made only depending on international support, that is, external condition.

Moreover, if there is own error, that is, if basis is not correct, international support or condition becomes useless, moreover, that makes confusion. The Chinese support to Indian Communist Party was not of any use because of errors of Indian Party. Similarly Indian party’s support ot Huq-Toha and Co. was not of any use due to error of Huq-Toha and Co. The Huq-Toha and Co., by showing certificate of support of Indian party, are trying to confuse revolutionaries.

But that certificate too, was not able to prevent their final collapse. At that very time, we told that it was a subjective erroneous step of Indian party to support Huq-Toha and Co. By not being distracted by that support, we continued to work in our correct line and ceaselessly achieved victories. If any internationally prestigious fraternal party (including China) supports the wrong ones at present (due to our inability to make contact with them from our side and due to subjective error of fraternal parties), we must not get confused, but resolutely continue to work in correct line.

At the same time, we must try to make the fraternal parties to correct their error, so that they support the correct line. Its evidence is the support of internationally prestigious Vietnamese party to Moni Singh-Mojaffar revisionists. That support does not help revolution but hinders it. We have to try to bring international support especially fraternal parties to out correct party.

10. The document ‘On Certain Comrade’ was studied and discussed and opinion was given

11. Those who have not yet filled the form for member/applicant member, must fill and submit that by February.

Minimum Criterion:

– Active Cadre

– Worked at least six months

– Minimum age 16 years

12. Regarding General strike of 16 December

Calling for general strike of 16 December was a historic decision. Through materializing that, party achieved great experience of carrying mass struggle, huge mass support, unprecedented propaganda of party and teeth-breaking retaliation to revisionists. Summation of experience of central based general strike will be given. We are welcoming comrades and people of the following disctricts for they observed in full general strike in Barisal and Madaripur and partial successful in different parts of Dhaka-Tangail district.

13. In each region, at least one investigator should be appointed.

NOTE: Later the decision was canceled.

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