(It was added to the preface of the Poetry Book: People’s War in Perspective. Sukanto Bhattacharjee was a famous poet in Bengali literature during 1940s. At the same time, he was an activist of Communist party of India. He reflected the idea of that party which was sunk in revisionist line, so, a short lived genius was bound by great limitations that he could not break — Sarbaharapath)

Sheikh Mujiv the lackey of Indian expansionism, Social Imperialism and Imperialism read and praise Sukanto’s poetry. The revisionists also appreciate that. This is because class struggle is acceptable to bourgeoisie, even big bourgeoisie (Lenin) Sukanto said about class struggle. But his patry did not recognize establishing of proletarian dictatorship which is inevitable end of class struggle [At present it is and at that time it was people’s democratic dictatorship that is a form of proletarian dictatorship]

Neither Marxism-Leninism (at present Marxism-Leninism-Mao Tsetung Thought) the scientific theoretical basis of carrying class struggle of proletariat nor political party of proletariat to carry class struggle is present in his poetry. Sukanto’s poetry did not reflect the revolutionary practice of armed and other struggles led by party to establish people’s democratic dictatorship. Those are limitations of Sukanto. This is why Sukanto is acceptable to bourgeoisie, even big bourgeoisie. The same we can say about Indu Saha of East Bengal.

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