Against Harrakoder Fake Encounter-Press Release October 25, 2014


An encounter took place in the jungle of village Harrakoder in the Lohundiguda block of Bastar district on the 19th of September 2014 in which the police reported that they killed two Maoists. This is a blatant lie. The facts go like this. On receiving information the police went to the place and opened fire on a team of our PLGA at around 7’o clock in the morning.

Our team too opened fire and retreated safely. A police died in this incident. After this incident the police picked up Ramder Ekul (Nag) from his home in Thammuskodra, a hamlet of Harrakoder panchayat with the pretext to show them the way back. Ramder happens to be a “lesk” (meaning priest, who does manthr thanthr and also gives herbal medicine to the villagers). They killed him along with another unknownn person. This the police posed as an encounter and this is nothing but fake. Ramder’s kith and kin and the villagers went to Jagadalpur, the district headquarters and were bringing the body home. But they were stopped on their way near Barsur and were forced to bury it a little away from the Sathdar culvert on river Indravathi.

Thus the people could not perform the customary last rites of Ramder. The fake encounter and the deprival to perform the last rites made the people angry. According to the IG, Kalluri, the unknown person is a Muslim and that they sent the DNA report to Kashmir, Mumbai and other places to identify. This is a part of the conspiracy of the Central and the State governments to propagate that the Maoists are in contact with the Kashmir and Muslim militants and the intelligence wing of Pakistan. They thus want to prove that the Maoists are anti national.

This also reveals the anti Muslim minority policy of the government out of which they wish to oppress the Muslim youth of Chathisgarh in the name of association with the Maoists. According to our sources in the police, they brought the unknown Muslim along with them into the jungle. The people of Barsur area are clear and they openly say that the police brought this moustache Muslim person along with them at the time of this operation. Who is this Mulsim person dead in the fake encounter is to be verified. It is a regular practie on the side of the governments for the past few years to arrest Muslim youth across the country and send them to jail on false charges or kill them in fake encounters, in the name of Islamic terrorists. This has begun in Chathisgarh too.

We appeal to all the Muslim social organisations and the minority social organisations, the human rights organisations, progressive persons, democrats and the media persons to make an independent enquiry into the fake encounter in Harrakoder. We wish the facts to be brought forth and the unknown Muslim person to be known. On our behalf we state that the deceased Muslim person is neither from the area of the movement nor our associate. Our enquiry too continues.

(Gudsa Usendi) Spokesperson,

Dandakaranya Special Zonal Committee,

CPI (Maoist)

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