* Summation of very much important experiences of party have been properly presented in the Central Committee Statement ‘The Victory of the Proletarian Party of East Bengal is Inevitable” published on the occasion of the Second Anniversary of the party formation of the Proletarian Party of East Bengal. All the comrades must make hard effort to materialize the experience elaborated through the document.

* Meeting is taking a decision to carry movement of Transform Idea, Correct Working style and Learn from Comrade Siraj Sikder. It has to be carried throughout the whole Rainy Seasonal Strategic Offensive and bring massive victory. The meaning of Transform Idea is transforming petit bourgeoisie and other non-proletarian ideas and master proletarian idea. The meaning of correcting Working method is correcting petit bourgeoisie and other non-proletarian work-methods and start proletarian work-method.

We have to learn from comrade Siraj Sikder in ideological, political, organizational and military field. In order to carry movement to change idea and correct working style, we must study manifestations of petit bourgeoisie ideology from 8th communique of the central committee, 2nd article of ideological documents, central committee statement, method of idea and working style, on contradiction from Chariman Mao Quotation etc. In order to carry Movement of learning from comrade Siraj Sikder, we have to study Lal Jhanda Editorial Issue no.1, Lal Jhanda Issue no. 2 & 3, Appendix I, II, Refutation of Clique and Central Committee Statement: Victory is inevitable.

* Changing Idea and Correcting Work Method is next step of anti dogmatism Rectification Movement. In the course of rectification movement, it is possible to change idea and correct work method through eliminating dogmatism and narrow empiricism. Therefore, anti-dogmatism rectification movement should be carried properly.

* Oppose narrow empiricism on the eve of anti dogmatism rectification campaign. Our experience proves that narrow empiricist leadership cannot properly carry activities of a region, nor can it develop that to higher level. Narrow empiricist comrades, with the help of theory, do not sum up experience, determine laws and work accordingly. Brainless routinism is governed by rules and regulations and mechanical-ism, they cannot improve themselves and their cadres. They give prominence to old among the contradiction between young and old. Thus, they become conservative. They think partial and relative truth as eternal and universal. They cannot properly admit guilty and make self criticism. They tail behind dogmatism, fear it or avoid it.

* In small scale production system, there is no change for long days, so brain becomes habituated with not changing. It results conservatism. Conservatism is giving prominence to old in the contradiction between new versus old aspect. Dynamism is giving prominence to new aspect. In struggle, contention and competition between new and old aspect, new one becomes principal, which causes development and motion and results change. Competition and transformation is life. Therefore, we have to give prominence to new in contradiction between new and old aspect, carry experiment and keep dynamism. Make competition among cadres, sympathizers, supporters, regions and leadership and suspend disqualified ones. Otherwise, bureaucracy and stagnation will rise. Some regions are getting good results by applying that.

* As soon as development occurs, division of labor, formality and experiment is needed. A small stationary shop owner buys commodity by himself/herself, sell and keep account. But when the same shop transforms into a big one, it requires purchase officer, cashier, salesman and manager to manage (These are division of labor). To govern the shop, it requires some rules-regulations and formalities, signature, approval (Formal Letter); experiment for more developed purchase, sell and management. Therefore, as our organization too develops, it has to add necessary division of labor, formality and experiment. The process of actualizing those has started. We have to continue that.

* The minimum criteria to be member/applicant member of the Proletarian Party of East Bengal is active cadre.

* Without clearing manifestations of petit bourgeoisie ideology, it is not possible to achieve quality of leadership and establish developed human relation.

* The verbal and written directives and advices of higher levels must have to be seriously implemented. If you forget, write it down. Serious losses occurred due to not properly implementing thoe types advices and directions; some comrades brought set back for own, other comrades and region.

* For reading give documents and books to cadres, sympathizers and supporters according to their need and level. When giving and teaching documents, proceed based on plan and order. Go from primary to higher levels. In-Charge should prepare that plan.

* The propaganda Team by successfully carrying propaganda activities in a city, have created influence. By adopting necessary caution, the propaganda team may suddenly appear like sparrow, make propaganda and disperse. It is possible to carry such propaganda team in all the citities.

* Cadres, espacially wholetimer ones of the Proletarian Party of East Bengal are losing physical strength rapidly. So, they must keep health. They must take Vitamin and Protein in meal [1]. Taking cigarette is one of reasons of losing working capability and physical losses. Therefore, reduce or leave smoking.

* It was very much timely to form National Liberation Front of East Bengal. We are welcoming that decision.

* Subscription Receipt of National Liberation Front is being submitted.

* Meeting proposes to publish all the communique of the Proletarian Party of East Bengal collectively.

* The 8th communique of the Proletarian Party of East Bengal is very much important. All the regions must implement all the resolutions of the communique.

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