MLCP members in Kobane: The dream for “fall of Kobane” failed


Eylem Deniz and Seydo Azad, the MLCP fighters in the Kobane resistance, said that “the dream of those saying Kobane has fallen came to nothing and failed”. “Their imperialist policies have been pounded to our will-power. They can support as much as they can the ISIS mobs, we will not let them pass” they said. Communist fighters declared that they are following the footsteps of Serkan Tosun and Suph Nejat Agirnasli. Seydo Azad said

“We are not only protecting the Kurds here, but also the Arabs, Turkmen, Assyrian and Christians. Come here to see, touch and feel the revolution”. Eylem Deniz has underlined that “the dream of those saying Kobane has fallen came to nothing and failed. Their imperialist policies have been pounded to our will-power and they cannot advance anymore. They can support as much as they can the ISIS mobs, we will not let them pass. As a MLCP fighter in YPJ, we are following Serkan and Suphi, we are here and going nowhere”. (26 October 2014 Kobane)



We are in the barricades of honour and freedom together with our martyrs!

….Rojava 15.10.14 When our comrade Suphi Nejat Agirnasli, his name was Paramaz Kizilbas here, run without any hesitance to the Kobane bulwarks, he was also doing this to shoulder the liberation struggle of humanity. As a student of Marx, who said that the ones turning their back to the pain of humanity become animal, he turned his face to the ones fighting for honour and freedom with their arms in the hand. Maybe he has fulfilled his duty as a communist, but he has shown to everyone that we are on the edge where the words worth nothing.

As honourable son of a Caucasian family, he gave very clear message to those living in Turkey and the world by the name he chose and the ranks he joined. He saved the honour of those who call themselves revolutionary, democrat, progressive or intellectual. He showed the path to everyone. As a revolutionary intellectual he ran to the barricades of honour and freedom in Kobane in order to defend revolution and the people under danger. For he was a revolutionary before anything else. Revolutionary is an identity of which all other characteristics and titles are subject to. This is exactly why he met in the same path and reason with our comrade Serkan Tosun who martyred in the barricades of Serekaniye as a revolutionary worker. Now the task is to take our place in the ranks of honourable people by stepping on the footsteps of our martyrs, Paramaz, Serkan and all other immortal heroes.

They enlighten our path with their action and stance. Greetings to those who are marching on that path. We will meet their freedom fight, which they have fallen for, with the victory.

We will defeat the ISIS, their protectorates colonial fascist Turkish state and all other public enemy!

Kobane will win!

Rojava and Kurdistan will be free!

Comrade Paramaz is immortal!


MLCP Members in Kobane call for participation to the resistance

Commemorating the MLCP fighter Suphi Nejat Agirnasli (Paramaz Kizilbas), the MLCP fighters said “the hill that comrade Paramaz martyred is little bit ahead of us. There are mobs between us and the streets that they have laid with mines. Of course we will overcome them all. We will both destroy the mobs, which dirty our streets, and wave our flag on the Mistenur Hill, which turned into something else together with martyrdom of our comrades resisting step by step.

‘Resistance is the main thing’

MCLP fighters, who point out the resistance of all people in Kobane, said “They all because of our resistance. And they all happened after seeing our resistance would not fall. If Kobane has fallen in a short time as they expected, none of these would have happened. Now they are trying to become partners of the influence that our resistance created. They are aiming to find a place in the hearts of our people. However the main thing is our resistance. The main thing is the actions of our people resisting in Rojava, North, West, Europe and Turkey” in response to the US airstrikes

. “Come and take your place in this honourable fight. Become the partners of the victory in this war that will result in defeat of fascist and reactionary ISIS mobs. Our martyrs left us a legacy of honourable resistance and ideals for a free world. We are on their path. We fully believe that we will win.”

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