1. The regions under 1-A Sub Bureau will be used as the rear area in the Rainy Seasonal Strategic Offensive.

2. The aim of properly using as rear area:

– Vastly spread Work

– Improve cadres to make some efficient cadres

– Build shelter in huge and vast areas

– Build enough shelter to keep materials and arms

– Do not carry such attack that may cause creation of pressure in region inflicting obstruction in our work

3. With the aim of developing work regions under 1-A Sub Bureau, following steps to be taken:

– Concentrate some of the areas among the areas where work was built, and build those as sub region. Keep contact with other areas too.

– Do not make hastiness to develop whole region, but instead of concentrating whole region, concentrate on 1 or 2 sub regions and develop those. Thus, develop whole region step by step in a planned manner.

4. To improve cadres:

– Concentrate on several among the active and advance cadres. Develop them by keeping under personal guidance

– Carry Study Conference locally. To transfer cadres to other regions is allowed to carry special training

– Improve cadres according to the particular order of Text Book

– Build several Cadre Schools

5. In regions under 1-A Sub Bureau, build developed guide and courier.

6. Develop communication system

7. For the next 5/6 months, the main aspect of work of 1-A Sub Bureau is huge expansion and consolidation, but not armed struggle. Armed struggle will go on in these regions in the next dry season

8. Special military circular shall be limited within higher levels

9. In future, some den will be needed for our families. In this aim, some families have to be trained from now on.

10. Infiltrate and assume leadership in Freedom Fighters’ Council [A ruling class organization formed and recognized by them including their certified ex Freedom Fighters of 1971—Sarbaharapath] in different regions.


11. Politics is the lifeline of all works. Correct organizational steps come from correct political steps. We must always emphasize on correct evaluation of political situation. Otherwise, our organizational steps will be blind and imprudent, and inevitably, we will be fallen in trap of reactionaries.

12. At the present political context of East Bengal, after ruling party and their lackeys, ‘JSD’ (National Socialist Party—Sarbaharapath) is our only competitor. ‘JSD’ wants to capture power by utilizing the severe anti-Indian hatred of people of East Bengal, and want to establish colony of US. As a result of US influence and some sort of control of it over Indian Expansionism, Awami League and the ‘Bangladesh’ puppet government along with the absence of revolutionary war etc., it has been possible for JSD to sustain and develop. We must be very much cautious about ‘JSD’ and properly unmask ‘JSD’ in front of cadres and people.

13. In future, ‘JSD’ may take the same role what Awami League had taken during the struggle of ’71. At present, perhaps ‘JSD’ is not saying or doing anything against us because of the current normal relation between China and America internationally, but if we analyze class character of ‘JSD’ and its present situation, we will find following possibilities:

a) Being very much stronger, ‘JSD’ will try to overthrow Awami League and at the same time, will carry annihilation campaign against us.

b) ‘JSD’ is weak, and by being beaten by Awami League, they may unite with us

c) ‘JSD’ is weak, but in collusion with Awami League, they will try to smash us jointly.

14. On the basis of the above political analysis on ‘JSD’, we have to take following organizational steps:

a) Properly unmask ‘JSD’ in front of cadres and people. Therefore, read following documents as special political Text Book: – Some Position on Present Political Situation of East Bengal – Our Some Questions to the Student League Rob Group – On Socialism, Class Struggle and Social Revolution

b) Regarding those who will be recruited from ‘JSD’

— – Make them properly understand about the character of JSD

– Properly develop their Political standard – Keep careful eye on their activities

– Do not let them know shelters of leading comrades – do not let them know important contacts

– Do not let them know important shelters and shelter of arms

– Keep them in lower level for long days for verification

15. Toha and Co., at present is spreading personal slander against our leadership. It proves that they became politically weak and bankrupt. They, by not being able to able to make political criticism, are giving prominence on slandering and picking hole in another’s coat. It proves their weakness and bankruptcy. Soon, their cadres will realize that truth.

16. Revolution requires turmoil. In turmoil situation, revolutionary forces stand up and rise. It is possible to capture power by that organization which takes the best preparation to seize the turmoil and turbulent situation. At present, turmoil or turbulent situation exists in our country. We must properly take preparation to seize the opportunity of the situation.


17. The fundamental problem of ideological reconstruction is to achieve proletarian world outlook. In order to achieve proletarian world outlook

— – We have to judge every problem with the proletarian world outlook

– We have to make habit of activating each task with proletarian world outlook

18. Transformation, competition and experiment is development If those are not materialized, stagnation and bureaucracy will rise. Therefore, we have to create competition among the cadres, areas and regions. We have to transform the dirt. Without experiment it is not possible to develop work and gain developed idea. Therefore, we must courageously carry experiment to develop work.

19. For every work

— – We need to determine basic principles (strategy) and plan Without strategic conception, it is not possible to do revolutionary work at present world. So, we must achieve strategic conception and make plan before doing each and every work.

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