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The spontaneous Arab uprisings surprised the imperialist camp and threatened the established order, that is why the US, Europe and Arab reactionaries sent their agents to try to stifle “the spark that could ablaze the prairie”. Their easy way out was the constituent assembly in Tunisia and Egypt to calm down the situation and get a margin to manoeuvre, the direct intervention of NATO in Libya. But, since the people’s uprisings and claims persisted through here and there, imperialism opted for the tactic of “constructive chaos”.

That is how, after the election of the constituent assembly, Muslims Brothers entered the political arena supported by the USA, Europe and Arab reactionaries from all sides. It was the only alternative for imperialism to calm down the situation and gain time at the expense of people’s uprisings, as the Muslim Brotherhood were more organized and rely on the support of the States of Gulf and all imperialist, while the revolutionary forces were still weak, torn by internal conflicts and differences, unable to lead the people’s movement.

Also, the field was open to the reactionary forces which were able to reorganize in Tunisia and Egypt and Muslim Brothers, with their variations, could present themselves as an alternative, ready to fulfil the policies of IMF and World Bank. Since the fall of the Shah in Iran and the rise of Khomeini, Muslim Brothers, of any confession, have become a playing card in the hands of imperialism and reaction to counteract “the left” in general and oppose any, even minimal, democratic change.

In the 80s, Sadat, legalized “Muslim Brothers” in Egypt, they were even represented in parliament – later he paid this with his life – to face the protest against the Camp David agreement with the Zionist entity. In Tunisia, the premier Mzali awarded the “Brothers” the newspaper “el Maarifa” (knowledge), US and Saudi Arabia backed al Qaeda and Bin Laden to fight Russian social-imperialists in Afghanistan. Saudi Arabia also supported the “brothers” in Algeria, at the time of elections, financing the propaganda of Wahhabi and Salafist ideas. Their cheap yellow books, flooded the market, not to mention TVs and radios from which they call for jihad and the establishment of Sharia. On the other side, Iran propagates Shiite obedience and sharpens the Sunni-Shiite rivalry, stirring communalism and sects wars to divert the people’s struggle for liberation and socialism.

-1- Daech, who benefits?

-a) Who is Daech

It dates back to 2006, when Al-Qaeda along with five other jihadist groups formed in Iraq the Council of Mujahidin, that proclaimed the Islamic State of Iraq (ISI). The April 9, 2013, it became Islamic State in Iraq and Levant (ISIL) and on June 29, 2014, announced the restoration of the caliphate in the territories under its control and Abu Baker Al-Baghdadi proclaimed himself caliph. Daech (Arabian abbreviation of ISIL) now covers most of Syria and almost two-thirds of northern Iraq.

It declared war to Sunnis, against the communal policies of Maliki (Iraqi, Shiite) and Assad (Alawi, Shiite rite). Hilary Clinton admitted that Daech is an American creation. Snowden describes the movement of a mere product of the CIA and Mossad, he said that the US and UK intelligence services and the Zionist entity collaborated to put on feet a terrorist organization able to attract all extremists, a strategy known as the “hornet’s nest”. This movement, medieval and murderous is funded by the Gulf countries, the core of the reaction, by Turkey, by funds diverted from charitable collections.

It controls oil wells in Syria and organizes arms and oil traffic especially with Turkey, that buys cheap fuel. Daech levies taxes in controlled areas (5 million people on Syrian soil and 6 million in Iraq) and practice robberies, kidnappings and blackmails, it has been told its treasure is around 2 billion dollars, which make it the richest terrorist organization in history. As for the weapons, according to the New York Times, 80% of equipments come mainly from US, China, Russia and Serbia, and according to the French Minister of Defence, Daech relies on 3000 Humvee, 50 heavy tanks, 150 light tanks, 60,000 light arms, three fighter jets MIG21 or Mig23 type besides the arsenal recovered in Iraq and Syria and, lately, the weapons to Kurds supposedly mistakenly dropped by US aircraft.

-b) Daech and the plan of “Greater Middle East”

The plan of the Greater Middle East, stretching from Afghanistan to North Africa, seeks to dismantle, also militarily, all the states opposing or potential opponents of American hegemony at the aim to grab the resources, mainly oil and gas, in the region. The project was draft by Bush and co. and pursued by Obama, in spite of the official rhetoric on “a new beginning”. Through wars, also indirectly, it aims to transform the “rogue states” in a multitude of politically unstable states, fostering ethnic and religious conflicts.

The escalation of Daech, created, backed, financed and protected by Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey in accordance with US, provides an opportunity for a new US intervention in the region under the pretext of fighting against Daech. A coalition of more than 40 countries bombed Kurdish regions under the pretext of protecting the Christian Yazidis and Kurds population from genocide, under the approving eye of Turkey, who wants to kill two birds with one stone (to weaken Kurdish and get rid of Assad).

It is the same scene seen with Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan and the alleged weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Washington, which could not attack Assad one year ago, in reaction to the use of chemical weapons, jumped at the chance to end the regime of Bashar al-Assad and dismantle Syria into three regions: Kurdish, Sunni and Alawite. That is the American plan and it is not finished, as it also aims Yemen, Libya, Algeria and even the Saudi Arabia (faithful servant of the White House).

In a word, the plan of GMO dreams to possess the richness of soil, the control on strategic points and to entrust the Zionist entity the mission of cop of the region and guard of American interests. Washington’s mind is: liquidate Iraq and Syria, then turn to Iran and put itself in a strong position to face any potential rivalry, in case also Russia and China. But the plans of Pentagon developed by Bush Jr., Cheney, Rumsfeld etc. could not be realized, since each time, imperialism was checked and forced to withdraw from the countries supposed to be conquered by the fierce struggles of people, even if this struggle could not achieve the liberation because of a not revolutionary leadership.


Ours is the era of national liberation and socialism, it is determined by objective contradictions that neither imperialism or reaction can make disappear or wipe out and all the ongoing struggles are within the context of these contradictions: the contradiction oppressed peoples / imperialism, the contradiction bourgeoisie / proletariat in the capitalist countries (Russia and China … included) and inter-imperialistic contradiction and inter-monopolistic contradiction within the same country.

Therefore, the plans of the imperialist camp can not be realized because they do not take into account the other pole of the contradiction: the proletariat and the oppressed peoples. The latter have repeatedly frustrated the attempts of imperialists to stifle the national struggle and aspirations to socialism, both recovering these struggles (the “Arab Spring,” is an example, among many others), or by channelling them within the infighting of local lackeys (Muslim Brothers / liberals in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya etc.).

Arab uprisings, wrongly called “jasmine spring” in order to blunt their violent and revengeful character, had as main slogan ” people want to topple the system” but, since these uprisings were spontaneous, without a revolutionary leadership, they could topple regimes, but the state, with all its institutions (army, police, judiciary, bureaucracy) remained and the reactionary and reformist forces (brothers / liberals) do not stop talking about revolution and the need to adapt it to new conditions, i.e. join the camp of peaceful coexistence and collaboration of classes. Indeed, hundreds of ex-comrades adopted the thesis of the 2nd Republic in Tunisia, denied the principle of class struggle and became influential members in civil society or in the union bureaucracy.

This reformist choice is justified, according to them, by the need to struggle against the danger of Islamization of society, against EL Nahda, Daech, Ansar al Sharia. By the way, several reformist activists in Tunisia, voted “Nida Tounes” (the former RCD, ruling party) as a useful vote against the “brothers”. But the revolutionary forces, the MLM movement first, has go counter-current, unmask the polarization that imperialism tries to impose on people by claiming: “You have to choice between the brothers and the civil war or the former regime with a certain variant so-called democratic, brought by the entry of social-democrats in Parliament”.

The task of revolutionaries will be difficult, it consists of:

Struggle against the open enemies feudal-comprador, who want to keep the country under the imperialist rule, unmask the Social Democratic movement, which repeatedly supported, sometimes “brothers “, sometimes “liberals”.

Work for the unity of MLM and revolutionary movement in general, based on advances of over four decades (against the revisionism – Avakanism included, Trotskyism, chauvinism etc.)

Mobilization of young workers and unemployed, left out and betrayed by the union bureaucracy and political parties, giving them a hope in the fight, as many of them are disappointed seeing that the “brothers” reap the fruits of Intifada, and old the regime came back fast. To appeal poor farmers to organize themselves and help them to get rid of the medieval, fatalistic ideology that preaches resignation and slavery.

Tunisia, October 2014

MCM, Tunisia

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