Solidarity to the Kurdish People! United Front against Imperialism!-KKE (ML)


The siege of the Kurdish city of Kobanê in northern Syria, the hundreds of dead in and around it, and the thousands of Kurdish displaced war refugees, is one more mass human tragedy in the Middle East. Nowadays in the region that extends from Afghanistan, to Palestine, to Iraq, to Syria, to Libya and the Yemen the peoples are in the midst of an endless war, facing a huge social catastrophe and retrogression. Civil wars, massacres and mass crimes, displacements and waves of refugees, leveling of cities, infrastructures and economies, dissolution of whole societies and breaking up of countries. The main responsibility lies with imperialism and especially US imperialism!

The criminals of Washington with their invasion and occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq, their raid on Libya and the indirect intervention in Syria, by sponsoring and arming the reactionary fanatics of the so-called Caliphate, they fired up the war and the blind massacres. Now they pretend to bomb their puppets in Syria, when in truth they kill civilians and destroy infrastructures in order to make this country their protectorate, too. The Kurds, as every other people, have an inalienable right in freedom, security and self-determination. For these rights they have shed rivers of blood and for decades in Turkey, Iraq, Syria, and elsewhere.

As history has shown, nobody gives for free these rights, much more the imperialists, the reactionary forces and the all kinds of hypocrites and fortune hunters in the West. Only a united front of the peoples of the Middle East against imperialism and the local reactionaries can guarantee peace, security and the well-being of all residents in the area, and without regardless of ethnic background and religion. Only when the peoples rise up, throw the yoke of the oppressive reactionaries, bourgeois and feudalists, when they smash up imperialism and take their fortunes in their own hands, only then they will feel free. Only then they will be masters of their countries and their natural resources.

We are in solidarity with the struggles of the Kurdish people and demand for an immediate stop of the siege and and the threatened massacre in Kobanê and all the Kurdish areas of Northern Syria.

We condemn the new imperialist intervention, the bombings by the Americans, British, French and other European and Arab reactionary forces in Syria and Iraq.

We condemn the policies of the Turkish government which continues to oppress the Kurdish people, by killing demonstrators, by supporting the imperialist interventions, by planning invasions and by supporting the reactionary forces in Syria.

We demand of the Greek government to stop every involvement and participation in the imperialist plans and the NATO aggressive war scenarios.


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