mujer maoísta

Communist Blogs Network (RBC) sends fraternal greetings to the International Committee for the Support of People’s War in India (CIAGPI) and congratulations on the success of the International Conference on the 10th Anniversary of the Communist Party of India (PCI m). We are pleased by the attendance of many militant and revolutionary organizations, and expressions of solidarity of many revolutionary groups who, like us, were unable to attend.

RBC must recall the importance of the ten-year struggle of the Communist Party of India (PCI-m) and their struggle to defeat capitalism’s savage government of New Delhi, at the service of foreign multinationals and the local oligarchy and to build for the good of the working class, the peasantry and the oppressed masses of India—a socialist society, through a People’s War and towards a New Democratic Revolution.

We believe that the PCI-m and the Naxalite movement is today, an example for the international working class, and therefore stand as an indispensable support. We must disseminate and explain it, make it known to the exploited of all people and the working class of the world. India is a country with rich natural resources, sold by the propaganda media as the “largest democracy in the world,” as an alternative to neoliberal capitalism, as if the criminal regime of the bourgeoisie could be at odds with their criminal and exploitative nature of people and the working class. However, in reality it is a country that applies a cruel and merciless dictatorship of capital at the expense of misery, slavery and domination of workers and peasants.

In fact, the enormous and immeasurable riches of India are still in the hands of a parasitic minority and available to large investors in foreign corporations, leaving the people of India excluded from its enjoyment, benefit and, above all, of any capacity decision on its use. In short, we thank the PCI-m their struggle for emancipation of the workers and peasants in the villages of India, and indeed of all workers, peasants and people of the world, which has lead the way for release , the seizure of power and the start of construction of a socialist society, steadily without ever abandoning the class struggle against the capitalist class, with the goal that marked Marx and Engels in the Communist Manifesto: a world without exploiters and exploited, a communist society. Along the way you want to go together ICP-m, explaining, supporting and spreading their struggle and its vanguard role, Communist Blogs Network, which reiterates its firm support and solidarity to the people of India led by the Communist Party of India (Maoist), in their ongoing struggle for national and social liberation.

Red Greetings to Communist Party of India- Maoist!

Long live the Naxalite Revolution!

Glory to the people of India in their struggle against imperialism and capitalism!

Long live the World Proletarian Revolution!

Communist Blogs Network (RBC)

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