Since the 15th September, roughly a month ago, the people of Kobane resists the attacks of the ISIS gangs. The panislamic organization ISIS grew rapidly in the reactionary civil war of Syria. Turkey’s AKP government, the kings of Saudi Arabia and Jordan, the United Arab Emirates, the USA and the European imperialists allowed this reactionary civil war to escalate with the intention to bring down the Syrian regime. They provided support in form dozens of millions of dollars, dozens of millions of heavy weapons, training of combatants and training camps. Furthermore, the AKP government intensified this support to crush the Rojava revolution.

In the deciphered secret conversation between Davutoğlu, MIT and the responsibles in the army they mentioned that the Turkish government provided 2000 truckloads of weapon support and discussed which provocations they could organize to justify an occupation. The Turkish government instructed the panislamic warriors in Turkey as well as on the battle ground of Syria in the use of heavy weapons – including chemical weapons. Through seizing Mosul on 10th June ISIS got the chance to grow again. It were the same forces that boosted this development in order to reshape the power in Iraq. ISIS did not content itself with the conquest of Mosul and eluded the it supporting forces’ control. It founded the Islamic State and caused a blood bath among peoples of distinct beliefs. They enslaved women and sold them on the markets.

The AKP government orientated ISIS towards the crush of the Rojava revolution. ISIS attacks Kobane with tanks, artillery and rockets. Kobane is one of the self-administrating regions of the Rojava revolution. The people of Rojava and Kobane defends itself through YPG, that was made against the attacks of the barbarian ISIS from the different nations and beliefs present in Rojava. The defensive battle of the Revolution, in which also the militants of MLCP as comrade Serkan Tosun and Paramaz in Kobane participated, goes on.

The USA, NATO and the reactionary states of the region allegedly decided to conduct a war against ISIS. Yet, in fact, taking ISIS as a pretence, they let the demoralizing war in Syria escalate even more. Even more important; they plan to intervene after ISIS debilitated YPG with heavy weapons. In the revolution of 19th July 2012 the peoples of distinct nations and belief in Rojava have obtained their freedom and founded the self-administration on a voluntary basis.

They tried to keep the reactionary war out of their region and to create their future independently from it. What is rising these days at the horizon against blood bath and obscurity in Syria is the sun of people and revolution. We as the revolutionaries and communist parties that participated in the 20th anniversary of MLCP’s foundation support the Rojava revolution wholeheartedly. We call on the working classes and peoples of the world, and their progressive, revolutionary and communist forces to support the Kobane resistance, which is the Stalingrad of Kurds. Let us go beyond the internationalist slogan of the Madrid defence against the Franco hordes:

Now Kobane is the home of the revolution!

Let us strengthen the Kobane resistance by demonstrations and strikes at work places, schools and on the public squares and through the heroic resistance of the revolutionaries, that form part of the international brigades in Kobane and Rojava!

Long live the Kobane resistance!

Crvena Akcija

Kommunistischer Aufbau

Marokkanisches fortschrittliches Kollektiv

Marokkanische kommunistische Marxisten-Leninisten



Partija Rada


Reconstruccion Comunista


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