Message to the International Meeting of ICSPWI from RCP-PCR Canada


Dear comrades,

Receive our solidarity greetings on the occasion of the holding of the Second International Conference of Solidarity with the People’s War in India! Circumstances beyond our control prevent us from being physically present with you, but we celebrate with you the 10th anniversary of the glorious Communist Party of India (Maoist) as we reaffirm our support to the International Committee to Support the People’s War in India and its objectives. We are confident that this meeting will mark a step forward in the vital solidarity work that revolutionary communists, anti -imperialists and progressives of all countries should develop with our comrades and the broad masses of India, who are fighting with great courage and determination for national liberation, New Democracy and socialism against a reactionary state that is well integrated into the world imperialist system and is supported by all the big imperialist powers.

The events that occurred since the successful holding of the First International Conference in November 2012 in Hamburg make it even more necessary and urgent the deployment of a broad solidarity with the revolutionaries of India. In India, the reactionary state is continuing its efforts to crush the people’s war. Since the launching of Operation Green Hunt five years ago, the repressive forces of the Indian state attacked indiscriminately the masses who support the people’s war and are taking part in the building of a new power. The goal of this vast operation, which takes the form of a war against the people, is to eliminate the soil from which the movement that has already begun to shake the old state and the reactionary classes is taking shape.

This war has already inflicted terrible suffering and made thousands of victims among the people of India. But it did not succeed in destroying nor extinguishing the aspirations for liberation of the masses of this country, which are embodied in the movement led by our comrades from the CPI (Maoist). By launching Operation Green Hunt, the Indian state acted as reactionaries of all countries who, as Comrade Mao Zedong pointed out, “lift a stone only to drop it on their own feet.” In fact, the massacres perpetrated by the representatives of the Indian state have prompted different sectors of Indian society to condemn them and show solidarity with the Maoists. The same thing happened abroad—albeit on a smaller scale—where thousands of voices were heard denouncing Operation Green Hunt and the all-out repression exercised by the Indian state.

The broadening of the mobilization in solidarity with the masses of India is intolerable for the reactionary state. This is the reason for the hysterical response of Indian authorities to the setting up of the International Committee to Support the People’s War in India and the holding of the Hamburg conference. This also explains the recent campaign launched by the Indian state against progressive and democratic sectors, organizations and activists who dared to denounce Operation Green Hunt and defend the legitimacy of the revolutionary movement. The cowardly arrest of Professor GN Saibaba and dozens of other activists aims both to terrorize the urban masses and discourage them of supporting the struggle of the Adivasis and poor peasants, and to isolate the Maoist revolutionaries.

In the long term, these attempts are futile and doomed to failure: history has repeatedly shown that even the worst repression can never stifle the aspirations to liberation of the proletarian and popular masses. In the short term, however, they pose a real challenge and there is an urgent need to stop them and to inflict a defeat to the reactionary state. The work done since its inception by the International Committee to Support the People’s War in India is already considerable. The initiatives it took and the international days of action it called for have brought together the genuine revolutionary forces and encouraged them to take action and bring to the fore the issue of the revolution going on in India and the role played by the CPI (Maoist) in this process. We believe that this work must continue and grow with the objective of building an even larger movement in solidarity with the people of India.

As we stated at the Hamburg conference, we think that there is no contradiction between supporting the people’s war and developing a broad mass movement against Operation Green Hunt and the repression enforced by the Indian state. Indeed, the existence of such an anti-imperialist and democratic movement can only serve the continuation of people’s war until its victory. In the short term, the building of such a movement is the main task of the parties and organizations that want to support the people’s war in India. That is why we supported and we are still supportive of the International Campaign Against War on the People of India (ICAWPI).

As much as we need to bring together and unite the genuine communists behind the banner of Maoism that is uphold with courage and determination by the CPI (Maoist) comrades, we must also dare to mobilize and unite all the forces that could oppose the anti-people war being waged by the Indian state—whether they are in agreement or not with all of the objectives of the People’s War and the New Democratic Revolution in India. And insofar as we consider such a movement necessary, it is a responsibility for supporters of the People’s War than to build this campaign, even if it seems to be less active than it was when it was launched a few years ago and if the comrades in charge of this campaign are no longer able to reply to emails that one could send to them.

It is in this context that we support the coming international delegation as a unique opportunity to confront the reactionary state, condemn Operation Green Hunt and the all-out repression against the people and expose the hypocrisy of the so-called “largest democracy in the world” that the imperialists and reactionaries will cherish and defend by all means.

Full success to the International Meeting in Support to the People’s War in India!

Long Live the Communist Party of India (Maoist)!

Move heaven and earth to stop the war against the people of India!

PCR-RCP Canada September 20th, 2014

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