TKP/ML (Turkey) Speech at ICSPWI Conference

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As TKP/ML we salute the 10th Anniversary of the Communist Party of India (Maoist) with sincere revolutionary feelings. The unification of the Indian communists under the umbrella of the CPI(Maoist) has strengthened the revolution struggle in India. The reactionary Indian bourgeois feared this unity of communists the most. The unity of communists, has given the oppressed toilers and nations in the country and increased their confidence in revolution. The regions under the control of the CPI(Maoist) now having attained more stronger leadership offer greater opportunities for the advancement of the revolution.

Comrades, The areas where the inter-imperialist contradictions and the fights arising from these contradictions are felt the most are the Middle-East and the Caucasus. Although it may seem as if the crisis of the imperialist system of 2008 entered a statis, the crisis has not been overcome entirelly. The crisis has been very costly to the system. The increasing unemployment and poverty in the centre of the crisis, the US, has impacted a great portion of the workers. The economic crisis emerging in the US has implacted the EU severely, strongly impacting Greece, Portugal, Spain Italy and similar countries, even leading some to bankruptcy. The crisis that affected all the countries of the imperialist system also continues to escalate the inter-imperialist contradictions.


The rivalry between the US-UK, Russia, Shangai Cooperation Organization and the EU and Japan is continueing in the most harsh way. The geographies that the imperialists fight about the most are mainly the Caucasus and the Middle-East. In Ukraine the US and the EU are jointly fighting against Russia. Ukraine has been on the menu with the US and EU for some time now. Besides the fact that this is a large market, the fact that it is on the route of energy recourses increases the importance. The effort of the EU to overtake Ukraine, supported by the US, seems to be evolving in Russia’s favour wiht the counter move Russia developed. The annexation of Crim, which was a part of Ukraine, through the socalled referendum, has frustrated the plans of the US and EU imperialists. While the fights between the pro-Russian separatists and the Ukrainian goverment, the pro Russia troops, which hold many parts in Donets and Lugansk in the eastern parts of Ukraine, during the last NATO meeting, new implementation against Russia were discussed, Russia with its peace agreement with Ukraine was able to frustrate this plan.

The Middle-East being a region with its rich oil recourses, gas and being a large market has never dropped from the agenda of the imperialists. The implementation of the Great Middle-Eastern Project of the US and the occupation of Iraq in 2003 as a part of this plan the Middle-East has been turned into a complete blood bath. The regime changes in Libia after Iraq, then in Egypte and lastly with the addition of Syria the balance have thorougly changed. With Russia and Iran backing up the Assad regime and the civil war being carried till now, is the continuation of the stage of the failure by the US and western imperialists to overthrow the Assad regime. Following the withdrawel of the US military troops out of Iraq in 2011, and the return to Iraq within three years, a new era began with the IS fed and developed within the civil war in Syria and with the seizure of Mosul by the IS.

During the NATO meeting on 4th September in England, the agenda points that were discussed Ukraine and Iraq, were based on the plans on how Russia was on how to lower the influence of Russia in Ukraine and how to regain controle over Iraq again. The process that started with the seisure of Mosul by IS, with socalled humanitarian grounds being put forward, regaining the controle over Iraq, are nothign more than the plan of the imperialists to re-design the Middle-East. The imperialist care not about any human drama or massacre. The imperialist who remained silent in the face of the massacres committed by the IS on behalf of the imperialists, the inhumane attacks on the Kurds of Rojava, the attacks on the Ezidi’s in Shengal and the displacement of hundreds of thousands op people, have decided to intervene against the IS when their own interest were at jeaopardy in Iraq.

The US and Western European imperialists are now searching for armies that will wage war against the IS in Iraq on their behalf. The decision to supply weapons to the Peshmerga in Iraqi Kurdistan is exactly a part of this game. The imperialist being the cause for the problem cannot be the mediator for the solution. The peoples of the Middle-East should disrupt this imperialist game together. All progressive and revolutionary forces should join forces against the IS monster and should fight against this reactionary organization and against imperialism. In this process of the redesigning of the world by the imperialists, those most impacted by this are the oppressed nations and toilers. Every day thousands of migrants dy on the open seas or are struggling on roads for life and death. The hundreds of thousands migrants who survive and come to European countries are forced to live under the worst conditions. Racist attack, humiliate and kill migrants where ever they can. Semi-colonial countries continue to be plundered by imperialist countries. Cheap labour, subcontracting, poverty, work-related accidents are presented as if they are the faith of these countries.

Africa is fighting poverty and hunger. The gradual spread of the Ebola outbreak causes mass death in many African countries. Imperialist monopolies refuse to produce and give medicine to these countries as they do not have the funds to by these and it does not produce any profit. The ecological balance of the world that is deteriorating due to the greed for profit bears the risk of the world becoming uninhabitable in the next few decades. All these are the results of the endless thirst for profit by the imperialists. As long as there is an imperialist system, exploitation, war and the slaughter of people will continue. Revolution is the only way for the oppressed nations and toilers to rid themselves from the imperialist exploitation and repression. The working class in semi-colonial, dependent, imperialist and capitalist countries have no liberation but socialism.

What freigthens the imperialists most are the countries where People’s Wars are waged. Genuine anti-imperialist struggle today is those struggles waged with People’s Wars. The importance of the People’s War in India is that it aims for true liberation. The People’s War in India lead by the CPI(Maoist) is the reason for the fear of the Indian reactionary bourgeoisie and their masters imperialists. The attack on communists under the name of Operation Green Hunt, the killing of cadres of the CPI(Maoist), the brutal treatment of hundreds of thousands of politial prisoners and the abductions of intellectuals such as Sai Baba are expressions of this fear. The support for the People’s War in India in the world must be stronger than it was before. The adoption of the People’s War in India will increase the longing for socialism. The communists of India are not alone. As long as they have friends and comrades around the world, the Indian revolution will continue to advance.




27 September 2014 TKP/ML International Bureau

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