FRDDP (Brazil) Speech at ICSPWI Conference


Dear comrades,

Warm greeting to the organizers of this event to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the formation of the Communist Party of India (Maoist) [CPI(M)] and in support of the people’s war in India. We warmly salute all the democratic and revolutionary parties and organizations attending here. We warmly salute the international proletariat and all the Maoist parties which lead or are preparing people’s wars, the CPI(M), its Central Committee, all the leaders, cadres, members, the commanders and fighters of the Heroic PLGA and all the masse of Indian people. In the last 10 years, under the leadership of CPI(M) the people’s war in India achieved important advances, that are examples for the exploited masses in the world and a solid foothold for the world proletarian revolution.

We respectfully also remember the martyrs of the people’s war in India, the leaders Azad and Kishenji, brutally murdered by the India State and imperialism and other member of CC, PB and party member at level of State, Area, Sib Area and District and Village Party Committees, the members of the PLGA and the United Front murdered. As well ass all the martyrs who sacrificed their lives to accomplish their revolutionary tasks all around the world. We want to salute also our loved comrade Renato, murdered by police and landlords forces the 9th April 2012. in front of the example of these comrades, we pay our most hart-felt and proletarian homage and respect their memory.


We are aware that without big sacrifices we will not be able to go ahead on the path of PW nor to advance. We salute also all the political prisoners and revolutionary war prisoners in the world, who fight from the jails of enemy to transform them into shining trenches of combat. In this occasion we want assert again the defence of live of Abimael Guzman, the chairman Gonzalo of PCP and stress the importance of his speech from the jail, made on 24th September 1992, 22 years ago. We also extend our salute to the liberation armed struggles in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kurdistan and the heroic Palestine and also all the people’s masses who upsurge and fight against imperialism and reactionaries throughout the world, especially those who fight under the leadership of Maoist Parties.

To hold this meeting and celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the formation of CPI(M), in a moment in which imperialism suffers one of the most serious systemic crises in the history, sharpening all the contradictions in the world, and the masses upraise in the world, is an important initiative for the international proletariat. To develop campaigns of support and solidarity with the people’s war in India is not only an internationalist, but also a way to show the masses in our countries the only path to their liberation, the protracted people’s war.

Long live proletarian Internationalism!

Long live the 10th anniversary of CPI(M)!

All support to the People’s War in India

Dare to fight dare to win!

Down with the imperialist war!

Long live People’s War!

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