Biplav Declines Badal’s Statement


On September 7, 2014, releasing a press statement Comrade Biplav the Secretary of the CPN-Maoist has condemned the statement given by Ram Bahadur Thapa, ‘Badal’, General Secretary of the CPN-Maoist. On Monday, Sep 7, 2014, Badal had released a press statement against Comrade Anil Sharma, the Central Committee member of the CPN-Maoist. Badal has made public that Sharma has been relieved of all his party responsibilities for his indiscipline action.

He has mentioned that : ”Central member Anil Sharma has been discharged of party duty for an uncertain period for his action against the party.” Badal has blamed that Comrade Anil has charged baseless allegations against party leadership. But he has not mentioned that, what are these baseless allegations and who are those comrades that Com. Anil has charged. We all know Anil Sharma is known as a young and revolutionary leader within the CPN-Maoist. He is also known as a strong supporter of Comrade Biplav, who has submitted a separate document of revolutionary line, challenging Com, Kiran’s document.

This action against Comrade Anil Sharma has raised a lot of questions within party rank and file as well as also in the public sector. It is known to all that, it is just a personal revenge against Comrade Anil. Last year also after Pokhara Meeting they had taken action against Com. Anil and Com. Rishi Raj Baral for their revolutionary writing. Meanwhile, Comrade Biplav the Secretary of the CPN-Maoist has declined the press statement by Badal. He has mentioned that the decision done by Badal is his personal decision, not the decision of the Party. In his statement he has called immediate withdrawn of the action against Comrade Anil Sharma. The Next Front also declines the action against Com, Anil and firmly stands on the side of Comrade Biplav’s statement. Here is the full text of Comrade Biplav’s statement:

The statement of today released by our Party General secretary Badal, regarding the action against the Central Committee member of our party Anil Sharma, alleging him as a undisciplined member, is not the decision of our any party committee, not only this, the action is against the party methodology also, and I want to make clear that I am not agree with this decision. Along with, I request immediate withdrawn of this decision.

Sep 7, 2014 Netra Bikram Chand ‘Biplav’

Secretary, CPN-Maoist Central Committee

via The Next Front

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