World Popular Resistance Clippings 26/8/2014


Myanmar Workers Burn Car, Damage Factory During JB Riot

KULAIJAYA – A group of Myanmar foreign workers set ablaze a Proton Iswara Aeroback and damaged a factory in a riot at Desa Perindustrian Kulai 2, Kelapa Sawit here this morning. It is learnt that the group of foreign workers had a misunderstanding with the management and went on a riot at 11.20am. In the incident, the factory’s front facade was damaged, while a Proton Iswara Aeroback was set ablaze and turned upside down. The Fire and Rescue Services Department was immediately despatched to the scene and the fire was under control at 11.38am.

Revolt for Liberating Nepal: Mohan Baidya

Addressing a press meet in Tansen of Palpa district organized by Revolutionary Journalists’ Association, August 25, 2014, Chairman Mohan Baidya Kiran of Nepal Communist Party-Maoist claimed that his party will take on to the revolt path if the parties represented in the CA promulgate the constitution by ignoring political forces not represented in the present constituent assembly.

“We will take on the revolt if the parties promulgate the constitution by ignoring parties outside the CA,” he said and added, “We may decide to use force in our movement. It all depends on the government now.” “Our revolt will thus liberate the countrymen,” he said. He said, “An all party conference is the only solution to resolve issues confronting the nation.”

Taan blasts union threat to send back tourists

KATHMANDU, AUG 26 – The Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal (Taan) on Monday condemned the All Nepal Revolutionary Tourism Workers’ Union (ANRTWU) for threatening to send back tourists handled by four particular travel agencies. The ANRTWU, which is affiliated with the CPN-Maoist, had written to the Indian, Danish, American and German embassies in Kathmandu on August 15 that it would prevent tourists handled by Explore Himalaya Travel Adventure, Himalaya Expedition, Peak Promotion and Himalaya Guide Nepal from touring in Nepal. The threat has come right before the start of Nepal’s peak tourist season that begins in September.

The period September-November accounts for more than 35 percent of the tourist arrivals to Nepal, and most of them go trekking in the Himalayan foothills. Taan told a press meet on Monday that its serious attention had been drawn to the warning saying that the act would have dire consequences on the country’s tourism. “We have written to the embassies not to take the issue seriously as it would be settled through a discussion,” said Taan’s President Ramesh Dhamala.

The ANRTWU issued the warning to press its demand for a raise and reinstatement of their cadres removed from their jobs. Dhamala said that on October 1, 2012, Taan and the workers unions had reached an agreement to hike the daily wages of guides and other workers. The agreement was implemented from January 1, 2013. Besides hiking the daily wages, Taan has also set up a workers welfare trust and fully implemented the Labour Act.

“The sudden agitation launched by the ANRTWU has terrorized the industry,” he said. “As most of the trekking agencies are not able to employ workers on a permanent basis, we are working to sort out the issue through a dialogue.” The Labour Act says that workers who have been working regularly at an organization for 240 days have a right to obtain permanent status. Suman Pandey, president of Explore Himalaya and the Pacific Asia Travel Association (Pata) Nepal Chapter, said he was issued an ultimatum by the ANRTWU to reinstate one of the workers who had quit three years ago to a permanent position. “The way the ANRTWU has announced the agitation targeting particular firms with unreasonable demands has created fear and disharmonized the working environment in the industry,” Pandey added.


Contract workers urged to end ‘riots’

BEIRUT: Energy Minister Arthur Nazarian Monday called on striking contract workers to end the “riots” and “militia activities,” warning of further electricity cuts due to the labor action and a possible clash with Electricite du Liban employees. “What is happening today at Electricite du Liban is a clear assault on the law, the institution and the sovereignty of the Lebanese state,” Nazarian said in a news conference held at the ministry. “Closing EDL and preventing employees and executives from entering their place of work and doing their jobs is a penal offense prohibited by the law,” he added. Nazarian urged some 2,000 people employed by private service providers to “give up the riots because they do not bring any good, and they represent an occupation of EDL by affecting the company’s ability to function.”

Kurdish Militants Kidnap 3 Chinese Engineers In Southeastern Turkey

Three Chinese engineers working in Turkey’s southeastern province of Sirnak were kidnapped by militants of the outlawed Kurdish Worker’s Party, or PKK, on Saturday, China’s state-run Xinhua reported Monday, citing Turkish news agency Dogan. The engineers were reportedly kidnapped from a shop in the town of Silopi, which lies on the Turkish border between Iraq and Syria, by PKK militants armed with long-barreled weapons. The militants then went on to attack a power plant construction site operated by China Machinery Engineering Corporation at the foot of Mount Cudi in Silopi district, Xinhua reported.

The Chinese embassy has reportedly “asked the Turkish government to go all out to rescue the missing Chinese workers while enhancing security measures for Chinese enterprises and employees in the country,” Reuters reported, citing a Xinhua report, adding that the Turkish military has launched an operation to locate and rescue the kidnapped engineers. In recent months, protests have erupted against the second planned power station in Silopi, which is being constructed by privately-owned Silopi Park Electricity, Reuters reported, citing local news agency Firat, adding that there has been no immediate claim of responsibility for the kidnappings or the attack.


Iran: Bafgh Iron Ore Mine workers protest continues

NCRI- Miners at Bafgh Iron Ore mine in Iran and their members of families continue to protest arrest of co-workers by gathering outside governor’s office in city of Bafgh in Yazd province. Some 5,000 Iranian mine workers went on strike on Tuesday in central province of Yazd demanding the release of nine of workers who had been arrested by the State Security Forces. The forces had planned to arrest other workers who also had been involved in a 40 day strike in May.

May strike ended after the authorities pledged to meet their demand. The worker wanted the plans for transferring 28.5 percent of the mine’s share to private sector be cancelled. The workers and their families, who form the half of the population of Bafgh, demanded that the profit from the shares be spent on improving the living conditions in the city. Striking workers also had demanded the resignations of the mine’s director and that workers receive job security guarantees. The strike ended when the governor of the province promised their demands would be met within 2 month. The deadline is reaching in few day while none of the workers demands have been met.



Thousands Protest ‘Man-Made Disaster’ in City in Eastern China

Thousands in Lishui City of eastern China protested a “man-made disaster” on Aug. 21, demanding compensation. So far, the authorities suppressed the protests and have not responded to the demands. Heavy rains from Aug. 18-20 caused the water level of the Ou River in Lishui City in the coastal province of Zhejiang to rise drastically. On Aug. 20, water was unexpectedly released from the Jinshuitan Reservoir, resulting in heavy flooding. Lishui City and nearby counties were flooded with water as deep as 4 meters (approximately 13 feet). On the morning of Aug. 21, thousands of residents showed up in front of the local government building demanding compensation. In the afternoon, residents were holding up banners that read:

“The Government Cared Nothing about the People and Their Properties—Releasing Water before Announcement—Should be Responsible”; “It Wasn’t a Torrential Flood. It Wasn’t a Tsunami. Lishui City Is Submerged in Water Because of Negligence for Human Life and Property. It Was a Man-made Disaster.” In the evening, thousands of residents blocked roads leading to Shuidong Bridge. They were met with special and military police forces. “My friends went to the protest. They told me that there were 20 thousand people at most,” said Mr. Wang, a resident in Liandu District, Lishui City. “Later, police moved in and started suppressing the protestors. Many people were injured.”

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