World Popular Resistance Clippings 24/7/2014

Factory owners demand larger security force

NEPALGUNJ, JUL 24 – Entrepreneurs in Western Nepal have asked the government to beef up the Industrial Security Force (ISF) as the number of factories have swelled tremendously and security requirements have increased. The industrialists said that the security force was too small to handle the expanded needs. There are 345 armed police personnel under the ISF to protect factories scattered over 26 districts from Butwal to Kanchanpur.

A flurry of new factories have opened in the region since the end of the armed conflict eight years ago. Even though the fighting has stopped, industrialists still face threats from trade unions and assorted Tarai-based armed outfits who have been engaged in extortion.


Ghana’s Biggest Labor Union to Hold Strike Over Economy

Ghana’s biggest labor group holds a strike today to demand President John Dramani Mahama do more to stem a slide in the cedi that’s fueling inflation and curbing economic growth. More than 5,000 members of the Trades Union Congress are expected to march in Ghana’s largest cities, including the capital, Accra, TUC Secretary-General Kofi Asamoah said yesterday. The union represents 18 national unions with workers ranging from miners to health-care workers and maritime personnel. “People are angry and complaining because petroleum products and utilities prices have been increased significantly without a corresponding increase in wages and salaries,” Asamoah said. “The government has a responsibility to ensure that there are mitigating measures to help cushion the poor and vulnerable.”

Zambia: Over 300 Tazara Workers Go On Strike

Over 300 workers at the Tanzania Zambia Railways in Mpika have downed tools protesting a five month delay in salary payments. The workers have vowed not to go back to work until their salary arrears are cleared. Another strike action is looming in Nakonde following a similar among the border branch of TAZARA.


Workers of Shishir Group, Tuba stage protests for wages, bonuses

Workers of a knitting and dyeing factory in Tongi yesterday came to the company’s headquarters at Bangla Motor in Dhaka to demand their due wages and festival bonuses. Owners closed Shishir Knitting and Dyeing Factory, a unit of Shishir Group, on July 14, without notice, workers said. “We waited for 10 days but nobody from the management came to pay our dues,” said Md Mizan, a worker. About 300 workers of the factory that employs around 1,000 demonstrated in front of Planners’ Tower around 1pm and looked for the owners and top management of Shishir Group to demand their dues.

Kazakhs Continue Land Confiscation Protest

Several women and their children are continuing a demonstration against the confiscation of their property by the Kazakh government. The protesters have again gathered in front of the government’s building in Astana, on July 24, a day after their demand to meet with presidential office chief Nurlan Nyghmatulin was rejected. The protesters first gathered in front of the government building on July 23, intending to spend the night there to observe the Islamic Night of Revelation, or Laylat al-Qadr, in protest. At around midnight, police detained them and kept them at a police station until 3 a.m.

Kenya: Kitengela Tiles Factory Closed After Protest

RESIDENTS and MCAs in Kitengela on Tuesday afternoon led to the closure of Flamingo Tiles factory over “foul smells” and dust. The residents demonstrated on Namanga road before moving to the factory in Enkasiti area. They forced the staff and security officials out of the factory and they switched off power.

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