What is happening within CPN-Maoist?


Rishi Raj Baral

Medias are floating different types of news and views regarding the ongoing Central Committee meeting of the Communist Party Of Nepal -Maoist. Now the Central Committee meeting of CPN-Maoist has been postponed until July 20. The Central Committee meeting which was held in the 2nd week of January 2014, had decided to organize the National Conference on June 24 to 29. Latter on it was fixed for July 10.

The main purpose of the National Conference was to enrich the party’s political line. We all know party’s political line-”People’s Revolt on the Foundation of People’s War” had/has become the issue of debate and discussion within the Party. Particularly, it had/has produced a lot of confusion and controversies among the grass root cadres. In fact, not only the grass root cadres top leaders also were/are not clear in this issue. There was/is no uniformity in the explanation and analysis of the Party line. In the 7th National Convention it was explained that the main focal point is People’s War. It was said that ” Only standing on the foundation of People’s War, we can achieve our objective through People’s Revolt”.

But as the time passed, it was reduced just in ”revolt”. Some of the leaders began to explain the party line as their wish. The Pokhara Central Committee meeting of last year strictly stressed to apply the party line in practice. But it was the matter of sorrow that, one faction within CPN-Maoist was not ready to move forward towards the revolutionary line and action. They used to plead the slogan of ‘ roundtable conference’ and ‘national consensus’ between CPN-Maoist and other political parties. They did not follow the party decision. This type of behavior produced a new type of debate and discussion within the party.

That’s why it was necessary to make it clear. The Central Committee realised that there was some inadequacy in the Party’s ideological and political line and decided to enrich it. Without enriching the political line it was not easy to make it clear. To enrich means to hold it high and to move forward, not to return back. Then Party decided to arrange the National Conference to finalize the problem regarding the ideological and political line. The main purpose to organise the National Conference was to enrich the party’s ideological and political line and to rectify the Party’s organisational problem. The structural system of the party was/is very disordered, dulled and blunted.

Now the scenario has changed. Party has decided to go for the Special Convention canceling the national conference scheduled for July 10, 2014. How and why it happened so ? These are the questions to be answered. In fact, there are some reasons behind this decision. And we think these reasons are very vital and fundamental. It is not hidden that the main problem, the main issue is the Party’s political line. Which way we are going to move ? Moving ahead or returning back ?

We want to enrich the party line or we want to create a new type of illusion ? These are the questions that we are facing these days. CPN-Maoist has passed two years of its formation. It is true we could not succeed to do something special, but to some extent, we have made our identity clear . And we know it is not enough, there are a lot of works to do to make our identity clear as a revolutionary party. It was necessary to move a head according to the decision done by the Pokhara Meeting, as I have already mentioned in my article ”CC Meeting: One Step Forward”(http://thenextfront.com/?p=2285).

But after 2nd CA election some of the leaders of CPN–Maoist made regular meeting with Prachanda the renegade, whose party was badly beaten in the 2nd CA election. In result, on March 13, a joint press statement was released by Prachand–Baburam and Kiran–Badal. As the Kathmandu post has mentioned : Dahal and Baidya have been in regular talks for the last two weeks to explore the possibility of party unity or working alliance (for detail visit : ( http://www.ekantipur.com/the-kathmandu-post/2014/03/13/top-story/maoist-parties-in-working) alliance/260350.html_). Next day in a press conference organised at party headquarter Buddhanagar, one of the top leaders of the party told the journalists that ”this working alliance between CPN-Maoist and UCPN (Maoist) will lead us towards the Party unification”.

This type of statement raised a lot of confusion within CPN-Maoist . We had already the problems of party line and organisational disorder. The issue of party unification with UCPN (Maoist) produced another delusion and fury among the party cadres. In such circumstance Comrade Kiran prepared the document for the National Conference. But Comrade Netra Bikram Chand, the secretary of the CPN-Maoist was not satisfied with the document presented by Com Kiran and he tabled his document for the conference .

Here I am unable to mention the similarities and dissimilarities between the two documents. But I would like to put some extracts from the medias :

• Chairperson Baidhya has tabled a proposal stating the party should not go for people’s war but put pressure through streets to write a new constitution through roundtable conference after forging working alliance with like-minded parties including the Unified CPN (Maoist).However, Chand asserted that people’s liberation would not be possible in status quo and even without mobilizing force and stressed the need to keep the door open for people’s war as per the need.


• According to party sources, Chand wants necessary preparations for the ´people´s war´ reviving self-style people´s government of the insurgency-era. Chand held that the party should continue with the people´s war, which goes against the party line stipulated in the political dossier prepared by Baidya, which suggested that the future party-line should be people´s revolt.


• Chand has formally pulled up his socks at a time when the party has ganged up with pro-Maoist parties for working alliance to draft a pro-people constitution. Chand’s line of reviving the legacy of the decade-long bloody people’s war could also disturb the party’s recent decision to join hands with its previous colleagues.

The party’s extended meeting held at Kaski, however, had unanimously decided to revive the bases of people’s war so as to keep up the party’s essence as a communist party. Most of the party’s senior leaders, however, do not support Chand’s revolutionary views. Chand has been claiming that the leadership failed to create grounds for achieving the party’s line of people’s revolt; and therefore, the party must find out appropriate ways to take the party line to a new height.


Formally, now the two line struggle within CPN-Maoist has begun . Party has canceled the program of national gathering and has decided to call Special Convention within one year. Hence these two documents will be kept for the special National Convention. Now the document of Com Kiran also does not represent the official document . It just represents a document of one line, a document of one faction . Now we have a joint document for this initial period. The Central Committee meeting which is going to be held in July 20 will decide the plan and policy for the initial period. Now the Party has decided to sharpen the class struggle–struggle for the national sovereignty and the struggle for the people’s democracy and people’s livelihood.

July 16, 2014

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