A New Beginning in Challenging Times


[After a two year hiatus People’s March has resumed publication. Download the June 2014 issue here -Signalfire]

Under severe attack from the Indian state, including ban, arrest, and even murder of its editorial contributors, the People’s March was forced to suspend publication for the past few years. But the voice of revolution cannot, must not, be silenced. With this issue, we begin publication of the e-People’s March. We will continue in our mission of contributing a Maoist perspective on contemporary issues and events, takiing the views and news of the Indian revolution to a wider audience.

While this has been of great importance all along, today it is ever more vital. The world is in turmoil. Imperialism remains in crisis. In country after country, the oppressed and exploited burst out in rebellion. They seek a way out, the road to liberation. Yet the Maoist message, the scientific resolution, is present only weakly. And it now has the additionaal task of battling against new hues of revisionism that have emerged from its camp. The strengthening of the Maoist media and its vigorous propagation is thus a pressing need.

In India, Brahmanical Hindu-fascists have come to power. The ruling classes, guided particularly by US imperialism, are preparing for an onslaught on the people in order to aggressively push through their sell out of the country. This means an even more brutal execution and widening of the War on the People initiated by the Congress-led UPA government. But that is not all. Now it will be aggressivly, explicitly, pumped up with the venom of Brahmanist Indian jingoism. Antipeople, casteist, communal and expansionist in every pore, it seeks to legitimise this reactionary content and its fascist acts under the hype of ‘development’, preying on middle class illussions of attaining super power status.

While the focus and weight of its attack will be on the Maoist movement, its scope encompasses all dissent and different ways of life. The task of uniting all revolutionary, progressive and democratic forces in a widespread struggle against the Modi regime is thus posed. Its center must be the determined struggle to establish a new society free of imperialism and reaction, the protracted people’s war led by the CPI (Maoist).

This journal will strive to provide a vital conduit between this core and the wide array of forces that must unite. It will address the issues posed by the resistance, engage with opposing viewpoints in the spirit of seeking greater clarity and counter the ideological offensive of the rulers. The repressive conditions that forced us to stop publication continue in full force. It is bound to intensify, given the fascistic dispensation of the new rulers. Therefore this journal will be published electronically, as a quarterly. We call upon our readers to join hands and assure a wide distribution of this e-People’s March reaches a wider audience. You can assist by posting links or by printing copies.

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