World Popular Resistance Clippings 16/6/2014

FIFA attacked in Switzerland

Anti-Cup clashes in Brazil



Six arrested in jute mill CEO murder case

Chinsurah/Kolkata: Six workers of North Brook Jute Mill at Bhadreswar in West Bengal have been arrested for Sunday’s killing of its CEO H.K. Maheswari, with the management putting up a suspension of work notice on the gate on Monday citing labour unrest. SP Sunil Chowdhury said that two workers were arrested on Sunday and two during the day for the lynching of the CEO on the mill premises at Bhadreswar in West Bengal’s Hooghly district. The SP said, of the 12 persons named in the FIR filed by the company, six—Md. Azharuddin, Bikash Tanti, Swapan Singh, Mukunda Gupta, Md. Aslam and Rabindra Choube—have so far been arrested. More arrests would be made as the FIR also mentioned 200 unnamed people who were responsible for the killing.

Polizei in der Rigaer Straße

Dozens injured in riot in Germany capital

Police and cleaning squads ushered a battered Berlin street back to normal life on Monday after a weekend rampage by left-wing supporters injured more than two dozen people. Police arrested 24 people. Beginning on Saturday night and resumed on a lesser scale on Sunday, violent clashes flared intermittently along Rigaer Straße in the city’s eastern district of Friedrichshain. A total of 27 police officers were injured and at least one passer-by was spray painted and assaulted by rioters. Resident Sabine, 52, told The Local “From my window I could see objects burning on the street and people digging up cobblestones and throwing them, I was scared so I stayed indoors.”

The disturbances began after some 100 people responded to an internet call to gather at 7pm on Saturday in the street. As many as 300 authorities participated against the disturbances where twenty-four arrests were made over both days for assault and breach of public order. Dubbed “the long night of Rigaer Straße” by police and fresh graffiti inscriptions, the unrest reflects entrenched local opposition to the area’s changing social composition and economy. “Fight gentrification, stop evictions” exhorted a banner in English that flew on Monday from a squat located on the street.

Workers ransack sweater factory in Savar

Police resorted to baton charge to disperse the workers who clashed with management staffs of Dynamic Sweater Industries Limited on Monday. A critically injured worker has been admitted to Enam Medical College Hospital in Savar. Other injured workers have been provided first aid in different clinics. Inspector of Industrial Police Mirza Saizuddin told that factory authority and workers clashed when workers started vandalizing factory demanding a rise in their wage. The incident left many injured. Many workers including knitting operator Abul Kalam alleged that designer of the factory Suman Ahmed manhandled the workers when they were protesting seeking wage hike. This infuriated workers who then vandalized interiors of the factory and started agitating outside the factory, the workers claimed. Later police cleared the area charging batons. Refuting workers’ claim of being manhandled by a staff, supervisor Sanwarul Islam told that angry workers ransacked third and fourth floors of the factory and took away furniture and close circuit TV cameras.


One killed in clashes in Turkey’s south-east

At least one person died in Turkey’s southern province Adana on Sunday during a protest against the killing of two protesters during a protest against the construction of a military outpost in the southeastern Lice district of Diyarbakir last week. Officials said the person died after an improvised explosive device exploded in his hand. Riot police intervened with water cannon and tear gas during the protests and the protesters responded with fireworks, stones and molotov cocktails. Special operations forces arrived at the scene after some masked people opened fire.

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