World Popular Resistance Clippings 21/5/2014

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Sudan: Governor faces unrest in Red Sea state

The Governor of the Red Sea State in eastern Sudan had to cut short a speech and leave the podium during a rally in Haya locality on Monday, in the latest in a number of recent demonstrations of popular unrest. Angry citizens in the audience began to shout at Governor Mohamed Taher Eila during his speech, chanting slogans like “This Governor will not govern, leave, leave.” “A group of people tried to demolish the podium, before security forces entered and stopped them,” said one of the protesters, adding that security forces detained several of the protesters but released them again after the governor left the locality.

On Saturday protesters intercepted a parade in the Deim Arab district in Port Sudan, throwing stones at the governor. Police used tear gas to disperse them. During the past weeks Red Sea State’s capital Port Sudan witnessed various demonstrations against the policies of the governor and deteriorating living conditions. People are particularly angry about plans to sell four historical schools in the city’s centre. The plots are to be used for business investment.

Solomon Islands unrest eases

Tension in the Solomon Islands capital Honiara had eased on Sunday, local people said, but the distribution of aid is still restricted. Buildings were set alight and a shopping centre looted in the capital Honiara in unrest on Friday and Saturday night. The disturbances were thought to have been started by victims of last month’s flooding venting frustration with the authorities’ response.

Albert Abeta, who was relocated to the Fopa evacuation centre after the flash floods in April, said the rioting was triggered by the refusal of Prime Minister Gordon Darcy Lilo to meet 15 people who had requested a meeting with him to discuss their situation. Mr Abeta said it was only a matter of time before a riot occurred at the evacuation centres, because of evacuees’ frustration.


Protesters walking to ministry clash with riot police near ODTÜ

A group of protesters that had gathered near Ankara’s Middle East Technical University (ODTÜ) clashed with riot police units after they were prevented from walking towards the Justice Ministry to protest the death of a teenager injured during last year’s Gezi protests and last week’s mine disaster in Manisa’s Soma district, which killed 301 people. After being prevented from heading towards the ministry, the group threw Molotov cocktails and fireworks at riot police. The police units responded to protesters with pressurized water and tear gas.


Kenyan police fire tear gas at university students

NAIROBI, Kenya University students threw rocks at police in Kenya’s capital Tuesday as authorities fired back with tear gas in running battles that didn’t end until police cornered students in a campus building and fired dozens of rounds of tear gas inside, witnesses said. Students demonstrated in at least four cities across the country over a proposed increase in university fees. But the protest by students from the University of Nairobi, which sits just across the street from the downtown business district, was the most violent. An Associated Press photographer said that several hours into the back-and-forth exchanges, police chased the students into university classrooms and fired tear gas inside.


Riot squad and mounted police force marchers from intersection after small group stages sit-in near Hyde Park

A MAN was arrested after a flare was deployed and protesters clashed violently with police during a 1,000-strong march by students, student unionists and academics in the city. The arrested man was allegedly not responsible for lighting the flare but was bundled to the ground by about six police officers as he picked it up off the road and held it aloft. Protesters, marching against the federal government’s budget announcements, surrounded the police and the arrested man chanting “let him go, let him go”.

The arrested man was put in handcuffs and taken away. Late this afternoon protesters clashed with police as smaller groups of the estimated 1,000-strong gathering attempted to break rank and move into Hyde Park.


OAU students protest hike in fees, block road

Students of the Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), Ile-Ife, Osun state yesterday protested the sudden hike in their tuition, barricading all roads leading to the institution. The students, who trooped out in their hundreds and moved round the campus of the university condemned the new tuition fees introduced by the management. Led by the president-elect of the Students Union, Mr. Ibikunle Isaac, the students, who carried placards with different inscriptions, called on the management of the university to reverse its decision on the new fees for peace to reign.

Suki Kinari power project: Tenants protest land acquisition by government

Two tenants arrested for protesting on Kaghan Highway were released on bail on Monday, while seven others remain in police custody. Villagers from different areas in Kaghan held a protest on Sunday against the government’s land acquisition for Suki Kinari Hydropower project in Balakot, and blocked the Kaghan Highway for two hours. To disperse the crowd, police resorted to baton charge, injuring several protesters.

Officials also arrested nine protesters under several sections of the Pakistan Penal Code (PPC). Later that day, demonstrators surrounded Balakot police station, once again prompting police to use force such as teargas and baton charge. According to police sources, the land being bought by the government belongs to Sadaat family of Kaghan and the protesters have been their tenants for over 100 years.

Sudan: Repeated Protest Against Water Outages in Sudan’s Capital

Khartoum — The residents of the El Shajara district in southern Khartoum are still suffering from water outages. On Monday, they demonstrated again. The police dispersed the protesters with tear gas. The outraged citizens burned tires, and blocked the road connecting the centre of Khartoum with the large El Kalakla district in the southern part of the Sudanese capital. “The people living in El Shajara are complaining about continuous water supply outages since three months,” a resident of the plagued district told Radio Dabanga.

“The price of a barrel of water now amounts to SDG40 ($7), due to the shortage of water in the neighbouring districts.” The resident warned that the situation might escalate, if the authorities do not intervene and “radically resolve the crisis”. “This is the third time we go to the streets to protest against the water outages.”

Nigeria: Violent Protest Rocks Maiduguri

As Police Shoot Keke-Napep Rider, Passenger Maiduguri, the Borno state capital is in confusion as members of the Keke-Napep (commercial Tricycle) riders took to the streets in violent protest following what they described as “deliberate killing” of their member and a passenger. The West End area where the incident took place was filled with smokes from burnt tires as youth groups barricaded most of the roads in the area. The incident happened at about 11am.

Soldiers continued to shoot in the air to disperse the protesters who have mobilized themselves and heading towards Dandal police station with the aim of attacking it. Muhammadu Maduba, a witness told PREMIUM TIMES reporter who was heading towards the direction of the incident that the police officer shot the driver after his first shot missed him and killed the passenger sitting at the back of his vehicle. “There was a road blockage around the West End area and the tricycle rider refused to heed to the order of the police man to turn back and take the other route, so the police man fired his gun while the tricycle rider and his passenger were trying to move on.

Police clamp down on FARC rally in Colombia

Hundreds of supporters of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), a left-wing guerrilla movement, held a rally in Bogota, the capital of Colombia, on Tuesday to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the group’s founding. Clashes broke out between marchers and members of the ESMAD riot police unit, who attempted to block the route of the demonstration and arrest people.

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