Observe Martyrdom Day of Comrade Moniruzzaman Tara


People want revolution, the revolutionaries are the progeny of people, depend on people and the prime weapon of self-denial is the major asset that the revolutionaries count on.”

– Moniruzzaman Tara

Comrades The great Maoist and one of the leaders who uphold the flag of the line of comrade Charu Majumder,comrade Moniruzzaman Tara was brutally murdered by the killer military force-Rokhiyee Bahinee of the fascist Mujib Govt in 1975.

On his 40th martyr day, the 22nd of May,2014 Gonomuktir Ganer Dol has organized a discussion program and a mass cultural program at Shadhinota Square, Stationbazar, Shirajgonj at 4 p.m. Join in this endeavor to accelerate the fight to crash down this reactionary, exploiter state system with the goal to establish a new democratic state that serves the interest of labor-peasant-working class. Red Salute

Ashish Corraya

General Secretary

Gonomuktir Ganer Dol

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