Mine Explosion protest in Istanbul

SOMA | 14-05-2014 | Hundreds of miners have been killed at the Imbat Mining Plant on May 13 2014 at 3.30 pm in the district Soma of Manisa, according to a statement in a fire that was caused by an explosion in a power transformer. With the fire after the explosion and the power failure hundreds miners were killed and numerous were injured. It is unknown how many miners were working at the mine. While the rescue efforts are continuing at the mine to rescue the trapped miners, the Ministry of Work and Social Safety rushed to issue a statement to discard any responsibility falsely stating “The last health and safety inspections were made in March” and that “there were no discrepancies found according the regulations”.

The fascist Turkish State takes up the first three position in the ranking of the world’s most highest work related killings as well as having a history filled with workers massacres leaving tens of thousands workers killed mainly miners. The Turkish Republic has a black history with regards to work health and safety and has taken its currently known position within the world conjecture. While tens of workers are killed in work murders every day, those responsible for these massacres have not been found or held accountable.

The AKP government of the Turkish State while selling all state property to her own gang under the name of privatization, similarly with the mines, is disregarding the right to life of workers. While the number of workers killed in work accidents continue to increase exponentially, workers are being buried alive resulting from employers not adhering to the work safety regulations due to their greed for more profit. Erdoğan stated these work killings as “death is the faith of miners” is nothing but brokering death on the beliefs of the society to cover up his massacring side. As with all the massacres till now, also in Soma the reason for the massacre was the neglect in securing work safety regulations.

This fascist Erdoğan lead government and all its ministers with their crocodile tears do not fulfill their responsibilities and are aiming to manipulate the people by abusing their sentiments. As ATIK, we convey our deepest sympathy to families and relatives of the workers killed at the Soma Imbat mines. We share their pain. We would like them to know how much this massacre has saddened us. We salute our injured brothers who work hundreds of meters underground to make a living, trusting and hoping for their speedy recovery. We call on foremost the migrant workers, toilers and all workers, democrats and progressives in Europe to strongly raise a voice and take to the streets against the workers massacre in Soma.

No to Unhealthy and Precarious Work!

Stop Work Killings! Stop Work Killings!

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