European Elections – Active proletarian and antimperialist boycott! PCm Italy


The European elections come at a time when governments and the European imperialists states, in an imperialist unity and contention between them, discharge the crisis on the working class and the masses of the people of our continent to face the battle and contention in the world with the other imperialist powers; in this situation the imperialist countries, on the one hand, have equipped themselves with instruments, represented by the concept of the Troika, to decide common policies, but, on the other hand, these common policies are resolved discharging the crisis from the stronger countries on the weaker countries of the EU.

The stronger countries of the imperialist Europe, Germany and France, point, however, not only to discharge and defend themselves, but also to seize the opportunity of the crisis to expand its imperialist presence within the European countries and outside Europe for the markets and control of energy sources. This expansionist policy turns on new international tensions in different parts around the world and feeds the arms race, military presence, direct imperialist interventions, sometimes in combination with American imperialism, sometimes in contention with it.

In translating these anti-proletarian and anti-worker policies within and outside, what the bourgeoisie, governments and states need is to achieve a compact internal united front, real regimes with equivalent police states to impose by preventive and direct force plans and decisions capable to face, as is natural, struggles and protests and in some countries and on some occasions, proletarian, youth and popular revolts. In translating these additional reactionary transformations of the state in each country, a modern fascism is fed suited to the history and conditions of each country.

It’s not important if the government is center-right or center-left, social democratic or popular liberal, the form of State that they produce assumes more and more the character of a modern dictatorship. In this general trend, tendencies openly neo-fascist and Nazi are reinforcing that, on one hand, are organic to the direction of a Nation-Europe as an autonomous imperialist bloc, on the other they take advantage of the anti-European and anti EURO feelings and popular discomfort, to build their own electoral, political and “military” strength.

To this must be added that the imperialist policy of the European Union, within the global action of imperialism produces misery, exploitation, hunger and wars in the masses of the oppressed countries that fed the waves of immigrants who arrive mainly in Europe through the most exposed Mediterranean countries. The governments and the imperialist states, from one side, accommodate large sectors of these masses to turn them into modern slaves, on the other, they pass racist and anti immigrants laws which causes misery and death in the Mediterranean Sea.

The openly fascist and Nazi forces unleash in this context racism and violence that often intercept the mood even more vulgar in popular sectors. The European elections in this context are the pure explosion of the worst of States, governments, parliamentary forces and openly reactionary forces. The European Parliament does not count for anything, it is a den of corrupt and enriched politicians, to give a semblance of democracy to the dictatorship of the bourgeoisies of the European countries and within Europe, to the weight of the stronger ones on the weaker ones. There is only one way to oppose these governments, and it does not go into any way from voting in this election.

Who to ‘left’ takes part in the voting, does it only to enter the rigged table of a democracy that disguises the dictatorship, and despite what it claims in electoral programs and rallies, does not represent the proletarian and popular interests and contributes only to the imperialist policy and representation of it. The communists, revolutionaries, anti-imperialists, the struggling proletarian organizations and masses, the student movement, the anti-fascists and the anti-racists in Europe can be united only by active boycotting the election, which is neither anarchy nor abstention in principle, but consistent construction of the front that in the everyday struggles works for the future, for the struggle for proletarian power in every European imperialist country, for socialism.

Do not contribute to this fight nor to this perspective those forces who call themselves ‘communist’, which concentrate in the campaign “NO EURO” and “Out of Europe”, flirting, whether they like it or not, with the reactionary populism of the extreme right. It is not the “euro” which reduces the European proletarian masses in poverty, but the capitalism that uses monetary tools necessary to its profits; is not a super-government called Troika the main enemy, but the bourgeoisie of own imperialist country that is part of the unity and contention of imperialist Europe.

There isn’t any intermediate stage of the struggle for socialism that passes thorough the ‘exit from the euro and from Europe’, depicting the imperialist governments as weaker and as slaves of the German-led Troika. This line is a right opportunist line in the proletarian and communist movement and it is not just sufficient that it is carried out by some politicians and trade unions which daily struggle against the imperialist policy of the European Union, nor just that some of these in the May elections will also declare against the vote, to change the nature of their politics.

proletari comunisti – PCm Italy May 2014

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