People’s War – United Front – Revolutionary People’s Power


As an armed organization that implements political tasks in the Indian Revolution, PLGA was not confined just to military operations. It served as the principal instrument for the revolutionary masses to establish revolutionary political power organs (RPC-Revolutionary People’s Committees or Janatana Sarkars) with the aim of area-wise seizure of power. In the past decade, PW extended to vast areas and in the strategically weaker areas for the enemy among these areas, the people’s democratic political power organs emerged while destroying the exploiting state machinery.

The enemy is destroying these organs, thus making the PW lose mass support, is blockading our areas, is wiping out PLGA forces through encirclement-mopping up-surprise attacks, is damaging the centralizing capacity of the PLGA forces and making them decentralize (scattering them), is looting the villages, razing them down, closing weekly markets and stopping any kind of supplies from outside, massacring people, transporting people to strategic hamlets and imprisoning them.

Ultimately they are increasing carpet security on a huge scale in our guerilla zones to fail the aim of establishing liberated areas. While the PLGA is defeating the enemy attacks amidst this carpet security, people’s political power organs are being built using the space available. Keeping the following teaching of Mao always in mind, PLGA is advancing forward in that direction : ‘Seizure of power through armed struggle and solving the issue through war is the central task of the revolution and its highest form’.

Moreover by fulfilling tasks like constantly carrying on revolutionary political propaganda, consolidating people into various structures (party- people’s militia, mass organizations, RPCs), arming them-training them, rallying people into various people’s struggles, participating in production to increase the living standards of the people and providing medical facilities for the people, PLGA has earned a permanent place in the hearts of the people in the various guerilla bases-guerilla zones and red resistance areas.

As a result, people’s power organs are emerging in Dandakaranya (DK), Bihar-Jharkhand (BJ), Bengal-Jharkhand-Odisha border area and Andhra- Odisha Border area (AOB). In DK, area level revolutionary people’s governments have been formed and working regularly and district level people’s governments have also been formed and started working. They are getting consolidated and expanding with higher level tasks. Revolutionary People’s Governments are developing in the villages of BJ, AOB and Lalgarh (Jungle Mahal) in Paschim Bang.

They are advancing in the direction of forming area level political power organs. Even before the formation of PLGA, particularly in Andhra Pradesh, North Telangana and DK, people’s committees/Gram Rajya Committees emerged as people’s political power organs while Krantikari Kisan Committees have developed as the principle organization from the beginning for conducting armed agrarian revolution and to build people’s political power in Bihar and Jharkhand. After the formation of PLGA, in all the areas, people’s political power organs are being formed in the form of RPCs.

Under the conditions where the power of the enemy is getting destroyed in the nucleus of the guerilla zones, the formation of guerilla bases (area level political power organ) was started with the understanding that liberated areas must be built from there. These RPCs that are being formed where the power of the exploiting classes have been destroyed in PW, have taken up the task of advancing PW as their central task and are intensifying anti-imperialist and anti-feudal struggles.

They are trying to rally vast masses against the conspiracies of the MNCs and corporate companies like Tata, Essar, Jindal, Mittal, Vedanta etc to loot our country’s natural resources and against the Operation Green Hunt (OGH) that the ruling classes launched. They are carrying on mass agitations not to allow them into guerilla zones and to prevent the centuries old adivasi communities and the vast forests from getting destroyed. Due to the resistance of the revolutionary movement, no huge project could be started. This is putting a check on the exploitation of corporate companies like Tata, Essar, Jindal, Mittal and Vedanta.

RPCs are forming defence committees and militia commands from the area level to the panchayat level against the encirclement and mopping up campaigns conducted by the ruling classes to wipe out the revolutionary movement. In the past decade, the defence committees, militia commands and the various kinds of militia organizations under their leadership had been gaining several experiences. People’s Militia is playing its role in defending the people. It is developing as a base force in PLGA. On the other hand, RPCs are consolidating people against fake reforms of the exploiting governments and are placing an alternative development model in front of the Indian people.

Particularly, they are implementing revolutionary reforms and are taking steps to distribute land to every family. With the aim of increasing production and improving the economic position of the people, they started to develop agriculture. They are improving the irrigation facilities. They are introducing cooperative methods. They are encouraging fisheries, orchards, growing of vegetables etc. They have taken up land leveling programme on a huge scale in DK in 2010. They are putting great efforts to impart education and medical facilities to the masses here who have been kept far away from these facilities all these days.

As part of this, many people’s schools and ashram schools are being run all over DK. The specific feature of these schools is that they are imparting education in their mother tongue. People’s doctors are being trained and they are treating people free of cost. The exploiting governments have turned the legal system unjust. Nyay (Judicial) Committees were formed and are solving the problems in the people’s courts. These people’s courts are playing a prominent role in anti-feudal struggles. It is not an exaggeration to say that in the past three decades, local people in the movement areas have never gone to the police stations or the courts for solving their problems.

Jungle Bachao Committees (Forest Protection) have been formed and are working to preserve forest wealth and maintain ecological balance. PW is greatly impacting the cultural sphere. If the society is to travel in the direction of new democracy, then struggle in the cultural sphere is necessary. The Education-Cultural Committees being formed under the RPCs are fighting with backward tribal traditions and the deeply entrenched superstitions to overthrow the authority of the tribal elders and to increase the economic, political and social role of women they are fighting against patriarchy.

They are developing new democratic culture among the people. Revolutionary days and revolutionary traditions are replacing local traditions and festivals. February 10 – Bhumkal Divas, Hool Divas, March 8, May Day, May 7 – Alluri’s Birth Anniversary, July 28-Martyrs Memorial Day, September 21 – Party Formation Day, December 2 – PLGA Day and such revolutionary days are being celebrated with revolutionary fervor.

This struggle in the cultural sphere is again reinforcing the economic and political struggles. This struggle that is going on in all the spheres is changing the social canvas in the movement areas. When we speak of the important changes in the social canvas, the changes that occurred in the conditions of the women is a matter of pride. After the revolutionary movement started consolidating the women who were being crushed under tribal patriarchy, there was significant change in their conditions.

Particularly, forced marriages came to an end. Women who were confined to the family and had no social recognition whatsoever are now playing an active role in the social sphere and are asserting their identity at home and outside. As a result, democratic relations are getting established between men and women. As a result of the efforts of the RPCs, interest about revolutionary reforms is increasing all over the country.

They became new study subject for the party and the people. The alternative political power that is emerging from below is laying the foundation for the united front of the four classes. It is giving confidence to the people of our country that PW is being carried on under the leadership of our party to overthrow the exploiting classes and establish new democratic political power. It is necessary to intensify efforts to develop these budding RPCs. They must be strengthened so that they can fulfill the dreams of the Indian oppressed masses. The experiences of various revolutionary movements in building political power must be applied to the concrete conditions here.

Mass organizations must play a crucial role in this effort where RPCs have been formed. The efforts of mass organizations must be principal in spheres such as production, development, medicine, education, propaganda and culture. People’s political power can prosper only by drawing the strength of the vast masses.

A Decade March of PLGA 2010

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