World Popular Resistance Clippings 10/4/2014


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Peru Shining Path arrests: 24 seized

Twenty-four people suspected of links to Peruvian militant group Shining Path have been arrested, the president says. President Ollanta Humala said they included the leaders of the organisation’s political arm, Movadef. Two of them are lawyers for the group’s founder Abimael Guzman, who was jailed in 1992.

The Maoist group was effectively defeated in the 1990s, but remnants are thought to be involved in the cocaine trade. Those arrested are accused of terrorist offences and funding terrorism through drug trafficking. Guzman’s lawyers, Alfredo Crespo and Manuel Fajardo, who have been campaigning for his release, were among those arrested.

Three outlaws to die for murder

The District and Sessions Judge’s Court yesterday sentenced to death three members of outlawed Purba Bangla Communist Party (ML-Janajuddha) on charge of killing a member of their gang in 2005. The three convicts — Shaheed Sheikh and Yasin of Kumarkhali village in Mongla upazila, and Yasin Hawlader of Kumlai village in Rampal upazila under Bagerhat district, were tried in absentia.


Blast in Athens as Greece set to return to bond markets

A booby-trapped car exploded outside the Bank of Greece in central Athens early Thursday without injuring anyone, hours before Greece was due to return to the debt markets after a four-year absence, AFP reports. The vehicle, a stolen Nissan packed with 75 kilograms (165 pounds) of explosives, blew up around 0255 GMT as it was parked on the pavement facing the central bank building, police said. Internet news website Zougla and the Efymerida ton Syndakton newspaper were informed of the planned attack by telephone one hour beforehand. The blast came on the day Greece was due to sell bonds on the international markets for the first time since 2010 and hours before German Chancellor Angela Merkel was due to arrive in Athens.



Police raid workers’ strike at burlap bag factory in Istanbul, detain 91

Police launched a raid April 10 against a burlap bag factory on Istanbul’s Anatolian side where workers have been organizing work stoppage actions that have been ongoing since February. At least 91 people have been detained, while some have been transferred to the hospital for injuries, Doğan News Agency reported based on the workers’ accounts.

Following the raid, union representatives, including the Confederation of Progressive Trade Unions (DİSK) General Secretary Arzu Çerkezoğlu, have gone to the factory occupied by the protesters. Some 600 workers at the Greif factory had initially launched a strike on Nov. 9, 2013 to denounce the layoffs of co-workers, occupying a factory in the city’s Esenyurt district.

Police Crack Down on Thousands at Daqing Oilfield Jobs Protest

Thousands of employees at China’s flagship state-run Daqing oilfield in the northeastern province of Heilongjiang clashed with police on Wednesday over plans to abolish a system of guaranteed jobs for their graduate offspring, workers said Wednesday. The protest entered its second day with a crowd of workers and their grown children at the state-owned oilfield—once touted by the ruling Chinese Communist Party as an icon of socialist modernization—holding up banners in protest, before clashing with police. “Things escalated today, and there was a crackdown,” a worker who declined to be named told RFA’s Mandarin Service.

“Pretty much all the cops in [nearby] Daqing city came out in force, and beat up quite a few people.” “They also detained a few of the parents and student [children],” he said, adding that the authorities had told the crowd it is illegal to gather in groups of more than five. “There were more than 2,000 people there [and] more than 1,000 police, including riot police, regular cops and oilfield security,” he said.


Argentine Unions Halt Transport to Protest Inflation, Crime

Argentina’s biggest unions paralyzed metro, train and bus services today and blocked the main entrances into the capital to protest rising prices and crime. Trash started to pile up in downtown Buenos Aires as garbage collection was suspended and union members blocked Corrientes, one of the main thoroughfares with a sign that read “enough economic adjustments,” a reference to a 19 percent devaluation in January and a sharp increase in interest rates.

Police homes destroyed in violent Bloemhof protests

A total of 12 police homes have now been destroyed in violent protests after residents of the Boitumelong township in the Bloemhof area went on the rampage over nepotism and lack of service delivery in the local ANC government. According to, so far a total of twelve houses belonging to police officers have been burned down. reports the houses of officials of the Lekwa-Teemane municipality and mayor Moeder Makodi as well as the community hall were also set on fire. Residents are demanding the dissolution of the municipality.

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