World Popular Resistance Clippings 7/4/2014


Rioting youth barricade street to keep out police

“When police and emergency services arrived to put out the fire, we were met by around 50 young people throwing stones,” police duty officer Ronnie Dahlqvist told the TT news agency about Sunday night’s altercation. “One police officer was slightly injured after a rock hit his knee.” The unrest began with several assaults, but ended with the gang of youth nabbing bicycles and other objects to build barricades. “They threw out bikes and tore down road signs to try to prevent us getting access with our cars,” Dahlqvist specified. Police detained one individual and mooted the rest from the premises. Most of the youngsters – who are now being investigated for inciting a riot and exercising violence against an officer, have been identified.



UN alarmed by deadly Syrian protest in refugee camp

AMMAN, Jordan — The United Nations said Sunday it is alarmed at the ‘‘violent nature’’ of a demonstration in a massive Syrian refugee camp in Jordan that killed one person and wounded dozens. Saturday’s deadly protest in the sprawling Zaatari camp reverberated around the region as international aid agencies and host governments struggle to cope and manage millions of Syrians who have fled the 3-year-old conflict and sought shelter in neighboring Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey.

In a statement, the U.N. refugee agency said a ‘‘heated demonstration’’ in Zaatari turned to ‘‘a violent one’’ after possibly thousands of refugees started throwing rocks at a police post inside the camp. The protest started over a refugee family being held there after police detained them and a driver who tried to smuggle them out, the UNHCR said. Police fired tear gas and there were reports of live ammunition being used, the statement said. Three Syrian refugees were sent to hospital with gunshot wounds and one has since died, the UNHCR said. The statement said 28 policemen were wounded in the protest. Nine tents and five mobile homes were burnt, the agency said. ‘‘Tremendous efforts have been made over the past months to create an atmosphere of civility in the camp,’’ the UNHCR said, appealing to the Syrian refugee to ‘‘respect Jordanian law.’’

Protest for Papuan political prisoners broken up by police

Today on Wednesday April 2, Papua Student Solidarity with Political Prisoners (SMPTN-Papua), which is made up of students from various universities in the West Papuan provincial capital of Jayapura, held a peaceful demonstration calling for the release of Papuan political prisoners in jails throughout Indonesia. The group demonstrated at several different locations in the upper and lower parts of the Cendrawasih University (Uncen) campus.

At 11.30am, a fully armed joint police team made up of several different units arrived and attempted to break up the demonstration. A protracted argument broke out between police and a student holding a megaphone. Police then proceeded to forcibly break up the action by students who were exercising their freedom of expression and right to demonstrate peacefully. Police fired several shots and moved in to silence the students calling for the release of Papuan political prisoners. Fully armed police also occupied the entrance to the university and remained on guard for some time. The police also used abusive language against the students. “Damned stupid students”, shouted one officer as they fired shots. Several students were provoked into anger and pelted the police with stones.

Striking workers, security guards clash at Olympic Park; random gunshots fired in mayhem

RIO DE JANEIRO – Striking construction workers and security personnel clashed Monday at Rio de Janeiro’s Olympic Park, the main cluster of venues for the 2016 Summer Games. Rio Mais, the consortium building the Olympic venues, confirmed that random gunshots were fired as workers and security confronted each other. There were no reports of injuries. Spokespeople for both Rio Mais and the Rio Olympic organizing committee said they were investigating the incident.

The work stoppage involving more than 2,000 workers began Thursday, and Rio Mais said it was unclear when work would resume. The dispute center around which union represents the construction workers, and also involves benefits and working conditions.

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