Women Martyrs of The Indian Revolution-Latehar Martyrs

Martyrdom : 17-03-2007

Comrade Lusiya Titayo, 3 yr old Beronica Titayo

Com. Lusiya belonged to the village Chormanda of Netarhat thana of Mahuatand prakhand of Latehar district She was raised in the Chormanda village. She was an adivasi and had embraced Christianity. Since her father Joseph Titayo’s economic condition was not good, he could send her to the village school only till 5th standard. When she was 30 years of age her father got her married to Patrick Kerketta who belonged to the same village. He was of the same caste and was a hard working peasant. They had three children Ashok Kerketta, Rohith Kerketta and Beronica Kerketta. Lusiya was busy with bringing them up and educating them.

Her burden of work in her in laws’ home increased. Meanwhile the preparations for International Women’s Day by NMS were in progress. NMS organized the March 8 meeting in the Shivaji maidan of Daltongunj on 16-3-07. It was propagated in the Chormanda village too. As the meeting date approached, the women began an enthusiastic journey in the vehicles taking them to the meeting from their villages. The women of Chormanda also got into the bus and traveled towards Daltongunj. All of them began leaving their villages by 6 am. They faced no problem on the way but as soon as they reached the venue, the police started dispersing them.

The village women could again gather together only with great difficulty in that city and they finally got into the vehicles. The infamous goonda, SI of Garu Thana R.K. Singh stopped all the vehicles on their way back. It was 5 p.m. by them. The women and children had to spend the night there without food or water. The police kept misbehaving with the women the whole night. The whole of 17th also they were kept in the same conditions.

The women could bear no more. The women started arguing in a defiant mood with the police. The police started beating the women with lathis. At about the same time a truck filled with stones was going to Mahuatand from Daltongunj. It was already overloaded. The resisting women were made to get into the truck forcefully while beating them continuously. There was a dangerous valley further on. The truck overturned there. Com. Lusiya and her three year old daughter Beronica died on the spot. The baby got very badly crushed under the stones. The body was badly mangled. The people still shudder when they remember this. The bodies of the mother and daughter were taken to the in-laws home and they were buried according to Christian norms with the help of the organization.

Comrade Ilisava Veg

Com. Ilisava Veg belonged to the village Chormanda of Netarhat thana of Mahuatand prakhand of Latehar district Her father Joseph Veg was an adivasi (Bhuihar) and embraced Christianity. Since they were poor, Ilisava Veg could study only upto 3rd standard. Her mother’s name was Mrs. Salomi Veg. When Ilisava was 25 years old, her father married her to a poor peasant named Siyus Toppo of the same village. He was an Uraon adivasi. They were an agricultural family and had a son Pethrus Toppo and three daughters Bani Toppo, Thedor Toppo and Helen Toppo. Ilisava Toppo was also martyred in the truck accident on 17-03-07. The last rituals were conducted in her in-laws home according to the Christian customs.

Comrade Philomena Kujur

Com Philomena Kujur belonged to the village Gaaru of Latehar. She was educated till 8th standard in Gaaru. She could not continue her studies due to economic problems. She began looking after the family along with her father. When she was about 22 years of age she was married to Robert Ayind of Chormunda village. He belonged to the Munda tribe. They had three children – Ranjith Ayind, Divya Ayind and Sunitha Ayind. Com. Philomena worked as a peon in P.H.E.D. and supported the family. Com. Philomena also got martyred in the truck accident on 17-03-07. She was buried according to the Christian customs.

Comrade Karmela Hurhuriya

Com. Karmela Hurhuriya belonged to the village Ambakona of Latehar district. Since they were not well off economically, she had to discontinue her studied after the 3rd standard. After leaving her studies she immersed herself in looking after her family along with her father Samuel Hurhuriya and mother Mariam Hurhuriya. When she was about 28 years old she was married to Iliyas Veng of Chormanda village.

They had a son Foreman Veng and daughters Berna Veng, Grace Veng and Reshma Veng. They were an agricultural family. The land was not fertile and there was no facility for irrigation. So they had to live in dire poverty. Com. Karmela was also martyred in the accident on 17-03-07. Her last rituals were performed according to Christian customs. Many women became crippled due to this accident. They were treated with the help of the party.

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