Armed Afghan police stand guard outside the IEC headquarters after Saturday's attack by insurgents.

The puppet regime’s third presidential election possesses particular importance. In this election the person who would be chosen as the president of the puppet regime will sign the Bilateral Security Agreement (BSA) with the American imperialist occupiers and become the regime’s main implementer of the agreement for the next five years. Whoever wins the position of the prime national-traitor, will not change the anti-patriotic, anti-national and anti-people orientation of the puppet regime following the election. All candidates running in this election have already announced that they would sign the agreement with the American imperialists.

The signing of the BSA with the American imperialists by the future helmsman of the puppet regime means that the American military strategic bases will remain in Afghanistan until 2024, or even until 2034. Therefore, the condition of our country’s occupation, and the national servitude of our people, will be prolonged: the occupying forces will continue to remain the actual rulers of Afghanistan, the land and air of the country will remain under their control, and the vicious incursions and onslaughts against the country and its people will continue. It is possible that the puppet regime under a new president might have slightly more authority in particular areas, although its essence as a satrap puppet regime would fundamentally remain intact.

Unemployment, poverty, hunger, addiction, oppression of women and oppressed nationalities, theft and plunder of the commons, plunder of mineral resources and destruction of the environment will continue to affect this already ravaged country and wreak havoc upon its people. Under such circumstances the peace-mongering of the imperialists and the national traitors is nothing other than the calm that predator animals desire before hunting; it will only result in further bloodshed and the continuation of the occupiers’ and the national traitors’ brutality.

When the invading armies and the imperialist occupying forces continue to have a prolonged presence in this country, our people have no other option than to continue and carry out an equally prolonged resistance. In this context, our primary responsibility is still to continue to prepare for the initiation of a more immediate and principled revolutionary people’s national war of resistance against the imperialist occupiers and their national traitor satraps.

The Communist (Maoist) Party of Afghanistan, in order to progress further along this path of struggle, calls for election boycotts, the principal objective of which is to determine the preeminent national traitor planning to sign the strategic agreement with the American occupiers. We desire the solidarity, support and coordination of all national democratic and revolutionary forces in the joint struggle against the imperialist occupiers and their national traitor satraps.

Communist (Maoist) Party Afghanistan February 24, 2014

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