Women Martyrs of The Indian Revolution-Comrade Modiyam Mangli (Sunitha)


Martyrdom : 9-08-2008

Com. Mangli (19) was born in Peda Korma village. She was the third child out of five children of Modiyam Buchhal and Lakhmi. Even as a child Mangli used to attend the various meetings along with her elder sister and mother. She studied till 5th standard in her village primary school. Then she joined in 6th standard at the Regadigatta Girls School. During holidays she herded the cattle and to collect mahua flowers. She and other children used to sing revolutionary songs while doing this work. She gave thought to the discrimination against girls in the society even when she was young. When she was in the 6th standard her elder sister Com. Budho (Suman) who was working as KAMS ECM in the village decided to join the movement as a full timer. Mangli asked her to take her along and that she too would work as a full timer.

But Suman told her to work in the village for some more time and develop herself politically first and then join the PLGA. With eyes shining with interest she determined that she would definitely become a revolutionary. She left her studies after 6th standard and was elected as the member of the first CNM committee formed in her village in 2004. She used to write songs and sing. Especially she stood against and fought the patriarchal views in her society which kept women away from sowing and other feudal-like customs. She then worked in KAMS and was later elected as the secretary of village KAMS committee.

The fascist Salwa Judum was started in June 2005 and her village was one of the worst affected ones. It was from her village that Modiyam Sukki and Kursam Lakki, both KAMS activists, were brutally murdered by the Naga police after gang raping them. But Mangli was not deterred and organized women in KAMS and along with the militia had actively participated in many attacks against the Salwa Judum. She played an active role in the attack on the Gangalur rahath sibir where Salwa Judum goons were annihilated. The PLGA had attacked the ammunition depot in Bailadilla and seized 19 tonnes of gelatine. In that attack, she participated and was with the militia.

She was one of the persons who brought back the gelatine. Later also she took part in many attacks on the enemy along with the main and secondary forces. Mangli joined the PLGA as a full timer in September 2006. She worked for some time in the Gangalur squad and was then transferred to the technical department. She worked in a much disciplined manner in the department and took good interest in her work. She was always smiling and mingled well with her fellow comrades. She read all magazines with interest and read to others too. She tried to increase her political knowledge consciously. In that department she had to carry lot of weights and constantly work in all kinds of weather.

She took part in all the works with interest and learnt to do some things on her own too. Then she was made the section deputy commander of her unit. She was developing as a reliable comrade in that work when tragedy struck. In August 2008, it rained heavily and she was sleeping near a wall on that day. The wall collapsed on her due to the heavy rains and Sunitha died. Her martyrdom is a great loss to the growing people’s war in Dandakaranya as she was working in a crucial department which would advance the war by supplying the much needed weapons. Let us pledge to carry forward her dreams.

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